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The Advanced Guide To Wash Hair With Coke

As absurd as it sounds, more and more people wash hair with coke. It has become trendy, particularly among Hollywood celebrities. It all began as the last August, Suri Waterhouse – a model, said that she did not like her curls appeared clean. That was why she relied on the soda to make it dirty. And it ended up appearing fabulous! Her statement was considered a revolution to the beauty world. It led to the fact that countless bloggers from all over the world have tried and done the experiment. The results that they have got seemed to be great.

Elllko – one of the most favorite bloggers made the test. She recorded the entire process using her camera. And she uploaded it to her channel. She checked whether what the model said was reliable or not. She specified that her locks had attained a fantastic texture. There was more volume. She also assured me that she would experiment again. 

That has been what bloggers say. How about you? What will happen if you wash your hair with coke? Many of our friends and we have experimented with that trick. Surprisingly but true, it does not have our strands fall out. 

Why is it good to wash hair with coke?

Why do people wash their hair this way? There is phosphoric acid in it. It is a truly low pH. That is why, as you put it to your curls, the cuticle becomes tighter. It makes your hair appear smoother. The curls appear more defined as well. According to some users, thanks to the sugar, your hair has more build-up. Thus, it becomes visually fuller.

The Advanced Guide To Wash Hair With Coke
many people use coke to wash their hair

How to wash hair with coke

We have tried them. Each of us has different hair textures. For example, the natural hair of one participant is quite flat and straight, based on the day. Before seeing the results, let’s have a closer look at how you can rinse your hair with coke. Below is what happened:

It sounds contradictory, but we suggest you ensure your hair is clean and dry before you wash it with the drink. Yeah! As clearly as you read, for enhanced results, you are advised to wash it as you often do. Next, allow it to dry in the air. 

To genuinely test how effective the coke hair rinse is, we did so on two scenarios. 

Other tips:

Let it on the hair for about ten minutes

For the first time, we stood in our shower. Also, we had our roommate soak our hair with this soda. Then, we allow it to dry for about ten minutes. Next, we returned to the shower and washed it out. Scrubbed all of it off our body as well.

The Advanced Guide To Wash Hair With Coke
wash hair with coke helps hair to become smoother

Though this experience was quite messy, the soda smell disappeared when it was washed out. We let our hair air-dry. Then, slept overnight with it. When we got up the next morning, it felt far more voluminous, to tip from root. Surprisingly enough, it was soft. 

We felt great about this way to rinse hair in coke. Yet, we thought that we might have washed it out too soon. Our curls were not considerably different appearing. Thus, in the second time, we changed something. 

Let it on the hair for about thirty minutes

We took two 16oz. Coke bottles and place our head in the sink. We poured it into our hair with care. Be sure that it does not run over your hair and directly down the drain. When it soaked every strand, we put hair in one bun. Then, allowed it to sit for half an hour.

The Advanced Guide To Wash Hair With Coke
let the coke sit on the hair

Though it was quite sticky, I knew that this way to wash hair with coke would work far better. As expected, it looked curlier and bigger. We washed it in the sink. After that, took a shower but not got it wet. We went to sleep with it partially dry. Next morning, we were pleasantly surprised. Our hair became more tousled than the last time. It was not soft similarly to the first time. Yet, its grit was what held in the texture fantastically.

Something to note:

– You should not apply other items while you remove the soda. It is because you will possibly lose the effect.

– It would work more satisfactorily on those who have naturally straight hair without frizz and those who do not fight with their natural hair texture.

The Advanced Guide To Wash Hair With Coke
let the hair air dry

– This rinse may work for the same-day styling. Still, if your hair is extra fragile, you may want to add some products and re-style the hair. 

– Do that wash once a month instead of every day.

– Are you curious and desire to experience this new way? Then, try doing in a hair tuft the first time. Doing so is the prevention of any adverse reaction which you may have.

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This new trend has revolutionized the hair world and aroused curiosity among people with the dream of a beautiful mane. Do you plan to wash hair with coke? If it is not your thing, we suggest you install a quality wig to add volume to your hair and perfect it!

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