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Nioxin Shampoo: What It Is And Who Is It Made For?

People getting problems with hair loss always try to treat their conditions without spending too much. That explains why there are a bunch of products in the market with the promise of making things much easier and this has no except for Nioxin shampoo. There are discussing opinions among this kind of products, then it leads to many misapprehensions. 

All of the information will be under the answers to your possibly concerned questions: What is Nioxin shampoo? How does it work? What are its potential benefits? Which side effect that you may experience during the application? 

Ready? Come to see what we have for you here.

What Is Nioxin Shampoo?

The Nioxin shampoo is a type of product included in Nioxin systems that provides a line of products specially designed to help in issues of hair loss by building up a healthy scalp.  

Over time, Nioxin shampoo gained a huge reputation thanks to its potential benefits appearing in the advertisements and a couple of reviews from users on the Internet. However, people are still confused by the significant amount of chemicals like selenium sulfide and natural extracts in these products because they can lead to negative side effects. In general, you need appropriate treatment when using this product.

Nioxin Shampoo: What It Is And Who Is It Made For?
what is nioxin shampoo

How Does Nioxin Shampoo Work?

Some people use Nioxin shampoo to help in their hair regrowth but it does not work that way. It is famous for its great performance in controlling a couple of underlying causes of hair loss. First, let’s come a little bit closer to these causes of hair loss.

Other kinds of shampoo:

The Causes Of Hair Loss

Humans’ research has discovered a countless number of factors that lead to hair loss. In this post, we will mention hair loss whose direct cause is the lack of effective blood flow to your hair follicle or scalp buildup caused by DHT ( i.e. an endogenous androgen, sex steroid, and hormone.) 

Scalp Build-up

Scalp build-up refers to dead-skin flakes in your hair.

One thing that needs to be paid attention to is that scalp build-up is a really common condition among people but just about half of them get serious problems with hair loss led by it. That is because these people leave the build-up on their scalp untreated so the dead skin and oil clogs their hair follicles. This is also known as the main cause of an uncomfortable condition called folliculitis (for those who first see this name, we will tell you about it someday). 

Nioxin Shampoo: What It Is And Who Is It Made For?
nioxin shampoo helps to treat hair loss and scalp build-up

The Lack Of Blood Flow To The Hair Follicles

Studies on the relationship between blood flow and hair growth proved the importance of adequate blood flow to the hair follicles. Some people even say that it is the most crucial factor that contributed to one’s hair growth. 

To know the reason, let’s take a look at human anatomy. 

Human skin has three main layers which are Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis, respectively. The hair follicle is situated in the reticular dermis which contains dense connective tissue. Dividing it into three parts, then the lowest one – which means the hair root – is placed among a complicated network of blood vessels, to say nothing of its entanglement of nerves. 

Let’s answer this question of mine: ‘Does your hair stand up straight when you feel cold or terrified?’ Yes, right? So you know what does the hair root’s entanglement of nerves do, it strongly involves in your nervous system. 

The factor that ‘cuts off’ the blood flow to the hair follicles, sadly say, is DHT. Its connection to the hair receptors leads to inflammation and irritation and will become hair follicle miniaturization if left untreated for a long time. 

How Does Nioxin Shampoo Work?

You know that Nioxin shampoo builds up a healthy hair scalp, but how? It promotes the health of the hair follicles by preventing those two caused mentioned above. And depending on each one, you will decide which is its task: interrupting the process of producing DHT or increasing the circulation of blood flow through the hair scalp. 

Nioxin Shampoo: What It Is And Who Is It Made For?
it reduces the level of DHT on your scalp

Helps In Reducing DHT Levels On The Scalp

Although DHT is not the only factor that involves human genetic alopecia (we also have genetic ones, lifestyle, and weather conditions), it is still considered as the most common one that takes responsibility for it. That is because of its significant impacts on the health of hair follicles; thus leading to the disruption in hair growth.

We told you that DHT is an endogenous androgen. An androgen is a sexual hormone that contributes to the sexual differentiation of the male genitalia, which means that hair loss caused by this commonly happens in men. 

Nioxin shampoo, in this case, works as a DHT inhibitor thanks to the content of biotin so it would reduce the production of this hormone in your body. 

Increases The Circulation Of Blood Flow Through The Hair Scalp

Blood vessels bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles to make sure that the process of hair growth will be smoothly run. If the hair root is miniaturized, it cannot receive these supplements. That’s why hair loss happens. 

Sodium citrate, a common ingredient of Nioxin shampoo, can fix this problem. It is an effective anticoagulant that increases the blood flow without reducing the presence of calcium in the bloodstream.

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Side Effects Of Nioxin Shampoo

The content of harsh detergents such as sodium Laureth sulfate and other ingredients from specific herbs in Nioxin shampoo may lead to some side effects, including:

Nioxin Shampoo: What It Is And Who Is It Made For?
it might cause dry hair or flaking

– Redness or irritation;

– Itching;

– Dry hair;

– Flaking;

– Swelling;

So it is very important to get doctors’ advice before you decide to use any products of Nioxin systems and don’t worry to stop it when experiencing any of those above. 

Wrapping Up,

Nioxin shampoo is famous for treating hair loss. No one can deny it. However, you need to know more than its name to decide whether to use it. Our post basically brings about enough information about this product but it would be better when you come to see the doctor before making any decision. 

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