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Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Make A Hairpiece?

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In order to produce the top-notch hairpieces, Lewigs use the best quality of Cambodian hair. Like its name, the hair is harvested from strong donors in Cambodia and is well known for its medium luster.

This hair comes in plenty of textures (straight, curly or wavy hair). With natural hair care, women in Cambodia keep their hair strong and very smooth as well. If you use and take care of the hair carefully, it will not tangle or shed, so you can enjoy the good hair days. So “What is Cambodian virgin hair?”, “Why wearers are falling in love with it?” and “Where to buy a Cambodian hair weave wholesale?” Follow this post to learn everything about this hair!

Whats is Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair is harvested directly from healthy donors in Cambodia, so you don’t need to worry that it is not safe to wear. Because it is raw, it is completely flexible and durable. To answer the question “What is Cambodian hair like?”, you would ensure that this hair is soft, fine, and luxurious texture. It is naturally gorgeous. At the same time, the hair is extremely lightweight which brings you a comfortable feeling. The raw Cambodian hair wig can work well with your bio hair as its texture like your real hair. You know raw hair means it is unprocessed, no chemically treated, so you can style it so that it looks closely your hair texture.  

One more feature that makes the customers prefer Cambodian hair is its durability. It can last from 12-24 months if you maintain it carefully. After wearing your Cambodian hair extensions, you can be confident to go out. No one can see you are wearing extensions unless you tell them. It matches your hair well. And even they can’t believe until you let them touch your hair to check. 

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
Cambodian hair

Anything else about virgin Cambodian hair. Good news for you! The hair is versatile, hence, it could be treated as your own hair. It is easier to match your hairstyle. Feel free to cut, wash, and color them in whatever way you want.

If Vietnamese hair is well-known for its smoothness and softness, the Cambodian hair is very strong and straight sleek look. It is used widely as it is a good match with the African American hair. The Cambodian hair texture is slightly coarse and very similar to Mongolian hair. 

So why not take advantage of this hair? Now you have a deep understanding of Cambodian hair. If you are not sure about its quality and features, try buying small Cambodian hair bundles to check. We believe it will not let you down. Now we will move to the next section comparing the Cambodian hair with other types.

Cambodian hair reviews: pros and cons

Why you should buy hair sourced from Angkor world? Let’s see its benefits.

– 100% raw hair means it is safe to wear. All cuticles are intact and unprocessed, so you can expect good hair with minimal tangling. The hair comes in a wide range of textures: straight, wavy, curly and others. 

– You can rest assured about its lifespan. It is durable and suitable for every wearer. For example, you have curly hair bundles, you worry it will lose curls after some wear. However, this hair can endure the environment elements, it holds the curls well. 

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
It has a thick texture

– It is lightweight, so you can enjoy a comfortable feeling. You can tie it in a ponytail in daily wear. No wonder why the hair is on the top-selling product and there are more and more vendors now. 

– Friendly price. The price of the hair will surprise you. It is much cheaper than you thought. Only with $25, you can get your own a real hair bundle.

– High volume. Only with 1-2 cheap bundles to do a full head. So, you can save your time and cost. This benefit makes the hair ideal for women with thinning hair. Moreover, it is easy to manage and cheap to maintain effectively.

We cannot find any drawback of Cambodian hair or it is negligible. You might think this hair is the best.  

Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair, and Brazillian hair

Often, the hairs from Vietnam and Cambodia are all harvested from strong women who often wear traditional hair. Why they are traditional hair? We mean their common features, both of them are very strong and durable. You know, Vietnamese and Cambodian ladies have their own hair care. They use hair care products that contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil, lemon, etc. If you are finding a much softer and thinner hair toupee or wig, choose Vietnamese hair. If you want coarser and thicker ones, Cambodian is superior. In the hair market today, these hairs are well-known for its top-notch quality. Vietnamese and Cambodian hair for sale will not easy to tangle or shed.

What about Brazillian hair? In South Africa, Brazilian hair is the most prevalent hair. It is quite soft, thick and durable as well. Many women like this hair because it suits any hairstyles, from straight to curly hair. But it is not as luster as the Cambodian one. What is the main difference between Cambodian hair vs. Brazillian hair? Due to its density, the Brazilian one is likely to frizz.  A lot of wearers wonder about the thickness of Cambodia hair. Please compared with another kind of hair, it is a little thicker with high volume.

View our exquisite hairpieces made from Cambodian hair:

How to care virgin Cambodian hair extensions

Most people would like smooth and full hair. The beautiful hair helps them feel more confident when going out. And 100% raw Cambodian hair is the best choice to reach nice and natural stresses. When wearing a curly hairpiece, you also need to know how to take care of it. What should you do to keep the hair stay healthy?

We are going to share with you hair care tips to help your hair be healthier. Don’t worry about thinning hair, keep following up to feel happy and comfortable anywhere.

A standard process of caring virgin hair includes 4 main stages.

Wash hair

Clean the hair is a fundamental principle. When you wear a hairpiece, the first thing you have to ensure is to have clean natural hair and scalp. Wash the hairpiece as you do with your bio hair. Like other types of human hair, shampoos that are free-sulfate and no harsh chemicals are encouraged to wash the hair. Besides, you can use conditioners to moisturize the hair and keep it shiny. Or you can go to a hair salon and ask for advice.

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
wash your hair piece carefully

Bear in mind that detangle your hair before shampooing. Use a comb, start brushing from the ends to the roots if you get a straight hair. use your fingers to detangle if you have Cambodian curly virgin hair or wavy hair. After washing, never rub the hair as it can cause a shedding problem. Dry it gently.

Style the hair

As it is real human hair, you can style it with heating tools. However, using tool in the low heat setting is better for the hair. Brush the hair a few times a day in one direction, in a downward motion. Utilize a high-quality leave-in conditioner to maintain its softness. Remember to use a sufficient quantity, don’t overused.

You want to color or perm the hair, you can do it. If you have no time to do it yourself, visit a hair salon. The professional will take care of and do it for you. 

Sleeping habit

Sleep with a hair extension is possible. It is better if you sleep with a satin pillowcase as it can prevent the hair from tangling. Use a silk towel to wrap the hair or tie the hair in a low ponytail when sleeping.  Don’t sleep when the hair is still wet.

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
keep the hair moisturized


For long-lasting virgin hair texture, moisturize the hair as you do with your own skin. After swimming or taking part in outdoor activities, wash the hair immediately to remove any dirt and sweat. Remember to wear a swim cap to protect your hair as the chlorine in the swimming pool can make the hair dry quickly. 

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FAQs about pure Cambodian hair

Is Cambodian hair good?

From our words provided in the first part, we could affirm that Cambodian hair is a good choice. You know everything hair is not perfect, it has two sides. And the hair is not an exception. But we can guarantee that its advantages always overwhelm its disadvantages.

If you are a newbie in the hair market, we highly recommend using Cambodian hair. We sincerely hope that after reading about our reviews and commitment to its fineness, you would add it to your favorite hair collection.

Is Cambodian hair better than the Brazilian one?

Our answer is “yes”. Although Brazilian hair is thick and durable, it is not as luster as the Cambodian one. For instance, at Lewigs, Cambodian hair manufacturers, we create the hair that is perfect for a natural effect. From 50% to 85% full-length hair, the Cambodian is thicker than other types. 

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
Cambodian hair lifespan is quite long

How long could Cambodian hair last? 

In terms of its lifespan, a wig or topper made from excellent Angkor hair could be a year or so if you learn how to maintain and take care of it properly. Let’s treat it as your own hair and it will live as long as possible.

Where to find the best Cambodian hairpieces?

There are many wholesale hair vendors that can meet the customer’s demands. You can find the wholesalers on many big websites to buy this type. But bear in mind that you need to find out carefully about the supplier before ordering. Sometimes, the seller in Cambodia may not supply you with real Cambodian hair. As the fame of Cambodian closures and wigs, you can easily find hair weave suppliers. And the price is not high difference. 

Why Is Cambodian Hair The Best To Use To Make A Top-Notch Hairpiece?
Cambodian hairpieces from Lewigs

Looking for a hair company that supplies high-quality products? Come to Lewigs –  raw Cambodian hair wholesale supplier. We also offer human hair systems that all made of Cambodian hair. You want a raw cashmere hair or loose curly, tell us and our skilled craftsmen will do it for you. By using our hair products, you will feel comfortable and convenient. Your hair will look awesome if styled and colored properly. Our virgin hair is the best choice if you are looking for wigs to cover your thinning hair.

Lewigs is proud to be one of the most reliable hair vendors in Vietnam. We are sure that you can change your hair without damaging it. Besides, we also produce and sell a lot of products made of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair such as frontal lace wigs, toupees, toppers…

To wrap up

This post presents all the information you should know about Cambodian hair, from its features to how to take care of it. We hope that after reading, you will have the best decision about buying hair. In our opinion, Cambodian hair weave is a choice that deserves your consideration. 

Opt this hair, you will have one more option to change yourself and your life as well. At an affordable price, you can find a good hairpiece for your own.

Interested in getting the best Cambodian hair? Visit our website. We have a wide range of human hair extensions to offer! Please feel free to raise your voice. We look forward to hearing from you. Also, check out Lewigs’ product lines for the top-notch hair units at friendly prices. 

You can also contact us directly via our email: info@lewigs.com or hotline (+84) 982 614 486 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber). Our experienced support team will get you covered with everything you need. 

It’s always our pleasure to be of service! 

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