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Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

And how to use it?

Experts say that zinc plays an important role in hair growth and health. It keeps natural oil glands around the hair follicles works well so that it moisturizes the hair. If you see your hair falls down more than normal, it is a common symptom of hair loss. There are many reasons causing hair problems such as genetics, stress, zinc deficiency, and so on. Studies indicate that zinc supplements help reduce hair loss but too high of dosage also contributes lead to the problem. In this post today, we will only focus on zinc for hair loss

What is Zinc?

Being an essential mineral, zinc is not only good for our body but for hair growth. Zinc is found in some common foods and supplements. You need it to keep your health, proper immune function, and healing wound. Also, it is even good for your senses of smell and taste. But our body doesn’t keep a stockpile of zinc, you need to add it regularly. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, animal proteins and plant foods supply most of the zinc. You should eat more grains, legumes, and nuts as they are sources of zinc. You may be at a higher risk of zinc deficiency if you are a vegetarian.

Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?
what is zinc

– The mineral is found in many foods such as animal proteins.

– Lack of zinc can cause hair loss in both men and women. 

– In men, zinc levels in the blood and hair are lower than in women. So you can see many men experience male pattern baldness.  

– If you provide enough zinc for your body, it can block the creation of DHT – a reason cause the hair problem. 

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Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

Is zinc good for hair loss? Many studies show that hair loss can be a sign of the lack of mineral. You should consult your doctor so that he/she will help you. In fact, zinc deficiency causes less dramatic effects.

Besides hair problems, you can see the other symptoms such as:

– Delayed growth

– Poor immune health

Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?
loss of appetite is a symptom of zinc

– Loss of appetite

– Skin lesions

– Night blindness

Who are at high risk of zinc deficiency? Premature infants, malnourished children or who are diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and liver disease. Alcoholics and the elderly are also at an increased risk of this problem. 

Zinc For Hair Loss Treatment

It is believed that zinc acts to prevent the change of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Let’s try some treatments below to find a better way to reduce and remove hair loss. 

Add foods that contain zinc

Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?
take in more zinc-containing food

Zinc deficiency is the cause of the autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss on the scalp or other parts of the body. Zinc is an essential mineral for help cells absorb protein, thereby helping to make hair thicker and shinier. So eat more foods that are sources of zinc. Some of the zinc-rich foods include oysters, meat, beans, oats, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, legumes, and so on. 

Take zinc supplement

According to a study published in 2013, zinc supplementation is a way to slowed the hair shedding. It showed that people with hair loss in hypothyroidism were improved when taking a zinc treatment regimen. 

According to research published in the Annals of Dermatology, the zinc level in the blood is lower in those with hair loss. Another study in 2016 also indicated that men with androgenetic alopecia tend to have lower zinc levels. So you should take supplements regularly to supply zinc for hair growth and body.

Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?
take zinc supplement

How much zinc per day for hair loss? Or how much zinc should I take for hair loss? We receive many similar questions from customers. The allowance of zinc for the adult is 11 milligrams daily. If you have a diet rich in protein, you will have no trouble reaching this level. But those at high risk of deficiency, you can take more supplements with zinc. Follow this zinc dose for hair loss, your hair condition will be improved. The maximum zinc intake daily is 40 mg. Be careful because if you exceed this amount over a long time, you could meet the side effects. Note that zinc supplements for hair loss pair with some prescription drugs (like penicillamine, antibiotics, etc.) can cause bad effects. 

Use right shampoos

You should select a zinc shampoo for hair loss. Use a product that contains zinc carbonate to improve your hair state. It also helps fight white flakes better by moisturizing the skin.  We highly recommend DHS zinc shampoo as it contains conditioning and healing formula that can moisturize the scalp. Plus, it is safe for all skin types, so you no need to worry if you have sensitive skin. 

Form of Zinc You Should Take

What is the best form of zinc for hair loss? It can be difficult to absorb by the batter. So it is normally combined with either amino acids or found in chelated forms for the optimal absorption.

When buying a supplement, you should do a test to see what works best for you. You can get along better with zinc form in a tablet but others do better with the different one. For example, you take zinc picolinate and you feel it works well. It does not cause any stomach problems as zinc tablets can. But we do not recommend high zinc dosage for the long term because it is at the risk of toxicity. 

Zinc For Hair Loss: Does It Really Stimulate Hair Growth?
don’t use too high dosage of zinc

You are in the market looking for the best zinc supplement for hair loss. Let give Now Food – Zinc Picolinate a try. It helps you to correct your own zinc deficiency. Picolinate is a bioavailable form of zinc supplement, so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

The Last Words

Do you find that our blog post is useful? We hope that it helps you have a deep understanding of zinc for hair loss, zinc deficiency, and how much zinc a day for hair loss. You can also read reviews on the Internet to find a better way to live happily with your natural locks. Also, add more vitamin to keep your hair stay healthy. Especially, zinc and biotin play important roles to remove hair loss, so eat foods that contain these sources. If you have other ways to treat hair shedding due to zinc, share with us by leaving your comment below the post. We are happy to hear your voice. 

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