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Skin Hair Toppers

Skin base, which is indeed made from poly, resembles your real scalp. With skin hair toppers, the hair is injected or V-looped through the exceptionally thin skin to form a complete hairpiece. It is knotless, thus the skin toppers offer an ultra-realistic hairline. It is easily attached by glue or tape adhesive. 

There are different levels of skin thickness to opt for: 0.03mm, 0.06mm, 0.10mm, etc. Really thin as it might seem, it is not easy to be torn apart. It’s durable and can be used up to months. 

Down below are some top-notch skin hair topper made from human hair at Lewigs store. Scroll down to see if there is any item that catches your attention. 

If you want to have a tailor-made skin topper hairpiece, don’t hesitate to contact us for support!. 

Today, when the problem of hair loss is gaining popularity, the need to use toppers and hairpieces has also increased significantly. Both men and women use hair replacement systems to mask hair defects and regain their confidence. Today, Lewigs offers a savior for your thinning hair – skin hair toppers for women. 

When you search on the Internet, there have thousands of results related to the term “hair toppers”. Many times, toppers can be called hair enhancer, hairpiece or wiglet. Hair topper extensions are designed to conceal hair loss problems, thinning hair areas or bald patches. They can also be used for if you just want to add more volume and length to your existing hair. They are smaller than wigs and only cover a partial head.  Hence, for those ladies who haven’t lost all their hair, a topper is the best option.

Usually, a topper is attached to your hair with clips and you can even wear your hair in a very realistic looking ponytail, bun, or other styles.

Human hair toppers for women come in different shapes and sizes. They are definitely recommended because of their versatility such as dying, styling with hot tools, bleaching, and durability.

What Is A Skin Hair Topper?

The skin base is a type of material that makes hair toppers or wigs. Skin hairpieces come in different hair lengths and also both human hair and synthetic fibers. However, real hair toppers for women are definitely recommended because it has more highlight features. 

We sure that skin hair toppers are perfect for giving extra fullness and hair coverage if you have thin hair. It will provide you with instant fullness and length to your hair in a quick and simple way.

Like the lace material, the skin base is very soft and durable. It closely resembles your own scalp. When ventilated by a skillful wigmaker, the hair topper will appear as though it is growing directly from the head. The skin foundation can be usually found in clear and transparent. However, you may request color as you want. 

The longevity of a skin cap can range several months with proper repairs, maintenance, and care. However, the thickness can also determine its life expectancy. 

The skilled craftsmen can make different thicknesses of skin, it can be cut to different sizes. The thin skin can be transparent, light brown or medium brown to suit well with different skin tones. The base is very thin (0.03mm, 0.06mm, 0.10mm…) so you may forget that you are wearing a hair system.

We can say that skin hair pieces are the best hair toppers for women. It is easy to attach, detach, and clean as well. 

Skin Base Pros

– It provides a realistic hairline as the hair is usually injected to the base, knotless. Besides, the color of the base tends to closely resemble your own skin, so it is difficult to realize that you are wearing a human hair topper.

– Very soft, and no tangle, no shedding. Bring your beautiful hair.

– Allows hair to be parted in any direction, the right, middle or left part. 

– Another benefit of skin base toppers is that the removal of adhesive residue which is much easier as you don’t have to contend with the hard work of removing excess sticky residue on the likes of a lace topper.

Cons Of Skin Base

– The base is not as breathable as the lace base, so you may feel uncomfortable in humid and hot temperatures.

–  This topper is not recommended for wearers who have never worn skin base hair topper before.

Ventilation Techniques

Ventilating methods for skin hair toppers for women are split knots, V-looped and injected hair. V-looped and hair injection are requested more because of their realistic appearance. With these methods, there have no knots on the hairpiece.


The topper is ventilated by hand using a secure looping technique and the hair is not knotted but injected into the skin strip, providing a realistic appearance. It makes others feel like hair is growing directly from your scalp. Also, the V-looped method can make the hair system have a natural front hairline and a natural top. 

The knotless veil of the ventilation technique lets you style your hair freely in any direction. This can make the system versatile and really natural-looking. 


Hair injection is also a knotless ventilation method for the skin base. The hair is injected into the base and there are no knots making the hair look very natural. 

With this kind of method, there is just a layer of poly on the underside, this hair topper is not going to last a long time like knotted hair. This hair replacement system is for wearers who want a natural appearance who are happy with a flat hair effect but are not so concerned about a long lifespan. 

Split Knots

If you want to add hair to a skin base material, the only possible knot type is single split knots. 

Why? The answer is that there is a layer of greasy oil on old skin hair systems, so the root cannot be fixed on the base using other knots’ ventilation techniques because the hair would wall out. Only with single split knots, hair root can be easily fixed to the base and will be more durable.

Skin Women’s Hair Toppers From Lewigs

About Lewigs

Lewigs Company always prouds of being one of the most reliable wholesale hair toppers vendors in the international market. We guarantee that our hair topper extensions are 100% human hair, no synthetic fiber. Customers will feel comfortable and safe when wearing our hair products.

Our skin hair toppers for women are made with virgin human hair that is chemically unprocessed. All the strands of hair stay aligned in one direction, and it offers the user the capability to color or style it. Moreover, it also eliminates tangling problems.

Hair toppers for women at Lewigs

Best human hair toppers in Lewigs have a variety of sizes, density, and hair lengths and it really depends on the area where your hair is thinning. Our hair replacement systems are also great for those who naturally have thin hair to add more volume and hair density. 

As I mentioned above, hair toppers human hair is always the best way to go. It is very natural so it can blend easily in with your bio hair. You can expect it to react just like your bio hair. It also offers more versatility and durability than synthetic toppers. 

Best hair toppers come in different colors, so you can freely choose the color you like. And we also dye and style the hairpiece depending on the customer’s requirements.

Keep in mind that a human hair topper requires more care than your natural hair. It needs to be washed and conditioned carefully because it can’t get the natural oil from your scalp. Make sure that adequately moisturize your hair after every wash.

Lewigs always tries our best to achieve all the demands of clients by focusing on not only the appearance, quality but also the price of products. We are receiving more and more positive feedback about the hair systems made of human hair. Human hair topper extensions are very easy to attach and remove. 

Not only offer toppers, but the company also has a variety of hair products such as human hair toupees and wigs. All of them are made with 100% virgin human hair, no chemicals. With years of experience in this field, Lewigs wholesale hair toppers vendor guarantees that our hair is the best.

Our Conclusion

You are looking for the best human hair toppers for women but there are so many hair vendors in the market now. They make you so confused about which is the best wholesale supplier, the best quality, and the best price. Don’t worry! Come to Lewigs right now.

We are also reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 261 44 86 (Mobile/ WhatsApp/ Viber), so do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are always willing to support and meet all your requirements.

Thanks a lot!

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