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Full Lace Wigs

A full lace wig has all the hair strands hand-knotted onto a lace cap. Compared to other types of wigs from human hair, full lace wigs offer the most flexibility and versatility. You can freely style the hairpiece to an updo, ponytail, or the like as desired without worrying about being recognized. 

There are different laces used to form a full lace wig. For a balance between durability and comfort, a French lace wig is the best choice. But for those seeking the naturalness, the thinner Swiss Lace or HD lace would be more preferable. 

Down below is the collection of full lace wigs human hair that Lewigs have made. Scan through to see if you fall in love with any of these. Or feel free to drop us a line at any time if you want to request a tailor-made hairpiece.

More and more women wear full lace wig these days because they disguise thinning hair and let you change your style whenever you want. Of course, a new look can make us feel more confident. So why don’t you give it a try?

It’s not just older people who are affected by hair loss, either. The younger also experience this problem because of stress, illness, heredity, excessive hairstyling, and so on. The Remy full lace wig at Lewigs can cover up the evidence that hair loss leaves behind so that you can feel good about yourself when you go out.

What Is A Full Lace Wig?

A full lace wig is designed to cover the entire head and real human hair is knotted into the lace cap by hand. A full lace wig cap is often made from French lace to prevent the easy breakout; however, there are still chances that the lace will break out even before the hairs are all get damaged. 

This type of wig is a bit more versatile than its front lace counterparts because they can be worn in different styles. Hence, the price of full lace is higher. It can be parted anywhere, tight up into high ponytails, updos, and is very durable. than their front lace counterparts.

As its name, the lace is all around the wig, and you can cut the lace as close to your hairline as possible. The hair extension is the most light-weight and durable hair wig you could get.

The hairpieces will have a natural look if you apply them correctly. You can wear it during taking part in sports activities. Let wear your full lace wig in the proper way, you may realize its value and effects. 

A full lace wig is expected to last over 1 year with proper use and care. In fact, the durability of the wig depends on how often you wear and how you take care of it. Or sometimes if it is in a bad state, you only use it for several months. Therefore, if you buy full lace wigs, find yourself a new and best one with good quality.

Why You Need To Wear Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Protect your natural hair

You know most of the heating tools we use to style both damages our hair in some way. But when having a human hair full lace wig, you can change your hairstyle from straight to wavy without damaging your bio hair.

If you have thinning or unhealthy hair, you always worry curling irons can damage your hair, straighteners damage hair, and blow dryers also damage hair. It is really annoying. However, our full lace wigs can fix this problem. Your hair can be protected well underneath the wig. It also gives your hair a break and encourages to regrow

Remember to choose a breathable full lace wig that gives your scalp room to breathe underneath your extension.

Guarantee a great hair each day

With many years of experience in this field, Lewigs understands that the hair is very important. You feel good when your hair looks good. Well, human wigs are the best way to help you feel happy all day. We have many styles such as straight full lace wig, body wave full lace wig, wavy full lace wig,… and all of them are ready to wear. All you need to do is brush your hair gently, shake it, attach your wig, and go out the door.

Switch up your style quickly

Have you wondered how celebrities change their hairstyles? Their hair is short and black yesterday but longer and blonde today. Why? We can say that full lace wigs are their mysterious weapon. The hair system lets you try out as many new styles as you want without damaging your natural hair.

Save time and money

You have no time to go to a salon to change your hair. You also don’t want to waste many hours in the salon to achieve your desired look. Human full lace wigs are perfect items. Even you wear day today, it is easier with less fuss. 

How To Install A Full Lace Wig

There are two common ways to wear full lace wigs: apply with glue and without glue.

With Glue

Step 1:  Preparation

You know glue only works for a certain time, so gluing the wig means you will wear it for a short time. Remember that you cannot get the hair washed when wearing the wig with glue.

Before wearing, you have to cut the extra lace to make your wig more natural.

Step 2: Apply glue

Apply glue all over the edges of the wig cap. Ensure that you are laying a thin layer but enough to keep the sides on and is not visible. Then slowly lay the glue along the line of the cap.

After finishing gluing, check again to see if any area falls apart from the wig. You can also trim the edges back if necessary. We recommend using some concealers to naturalize the edges of the hairpiece.

Step 3: Wear a wig

Now you can put on your wig into your head. Put it in the right place and press firmly to secure it. Let your wig sit for some minutes while you press. Don’t rush to style the wig as long as you finish the process.

Without Glue

People prefer this method than installing with glue. To apply it properly, put all of your hair inside the cap. Adjust the wig cap so that it is comfortable for you. 

Put the wig on your head and cut extra laces. Use hair clips to fasten the hair of extension back away from your scalp line. Then use scissors to trim any lace that sticks out past the wig hairline.

Now, clean your real hair and scalp. Make sure that you have a cleaning and oil-free area. If you have long hair, wear a wig cap under your wig to protect your scalp and natural hair. Open all the clips of wigs, then secure them. Secure the front clip first, then hold your wig and keep doing with the rest of the clips.

Now you can wear high ponytails and updos without the fear of lifting because your wig will stay firmly bonded until you release the clips. 

Full Lace Wig From Lewigs

Lewigs provides wholesale full lace wigs, full lace wig baby hair, virgin hair full lace wig. We also custom full lace wig for customers: colored full lace wigs with various patterns (straight, wavy, curly or kinky full lace wig).

We always make every effort to improve the hair products and density according to customers’ requirements. In our company, we recommend 3 levels of density that make you have a more natural-looking, they are 180 density full lace wig, 150 density full lace wig, 130 density full lace wig. 

Lewigs human hair vendor guarantees to produce 100% hand-tied wigs. Besides, we choose Vietnamese and Cambodian hair to create wigs. They are the most high-quality hairs in the market with many highlight features. One more time, we insist that human hair lace wigs are made from human hair, no mix with synthetic fibers or animal hairs inside.

With 100% chemically unprocessed hair, your hairpiece is very strong. Especially, it is the best material to make blonde, blonde ombre lace wigs human hair.

And, all full lace wigs in Lewigs are made by skilled craftsmanship. They create the hairpiece with their love and enthusiasm. Our full lace wigs are favored because of its outstanding features such as high stability and concealer of defects. Moreover, the lace material is very ventilated and breathable.

Bottom Line

In modern times, full lace wigs seem the best solution to catch up with the current look while no damages to your existing hair. So, why don’t you buy a human hair wig so that it absolutely changes your appearance and life

For more information on where to buy a full lace wig, other hair extensions or custom-designed hair, feel free to contact us via line +84 98 261 44 86 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile). We are willing to explain and support you at any time.

And if you find this article useful, let share and follow Lewigs website to get more valuable advice and information.

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