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Lace Hair Toupee

Lace toupee is a special type of hair system in which human hair is tied by hand to a lace base material, which might be French lace, transparent lace, or Swiss HD lace. Among the three types of hair toupee, lace hair toupee ranks first when considering the balance between realisticity, durability, and comfort. For the best result, you can opt for a lace hair topper with bleached knots. 

Lace base makes it possible for the scalp to breathe, thus it would be the best choice if you have sensitive or sweaty skin. 

Laces can be combined with other materials to form an excellent toupee hair. It’s common if you see the lace surrounded by a poly skin perimeter. The combination of different lace types is easy to see, also.

As there are too many types of human hair toupee in the market today, it’s exceptionally difficult to find the most suitable hairpiece for your own. All of the hair systems, from short to long hair, from dark to light color, are designed to update your hair look. At Lewigs, we also have many hair products that can not only increase hair volume but improve your hair texture and quality.

Among the variety of base materials, lace stands out as the ultimate option for the balance between naturalness, durability, and comfortability. Whether you are a victim of hair thinning, baldness, or are just seeking to try out a new look, lace human hair toupee are the ideal option to bring you a perfectly natural look.

What Is Human Hair Toupee?

Toupee is the perfect item to cover up thinning hair or just add some volume. The hair system is smaller than a wig and works to cover baldness areas at the top and back of the head.

At Lewigs, the best human hair toupee manufacturers, toupees are often tailor-made to the needs of the wearers. All the items use 100% real human hair from Vietnam and Cambodia. To make a beautiful human hair toupee, our craftsmen take meticulous attention on every single step of processing.

With 100% human hair, our toupee blends naturally with your existing hair. You can be comfortable to wash, dye and even bleach it if you want to have s trending hairstyle. Straight, curly, or wavy toupee are all available to try, as long as the hair is of the best quality.

Besides, all cuticles in the hairpiece are in the same direction that can avoid tangling and shedding. Thus, you can save a lot of time when using human hair toupee in Lewigs.

You might be worried about hair damage, but this is just useless worries. Our answer is that hair toupee is very safe to use, as long as the materials are of the best quality. At Lewigs, we use the best human hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian doners only. In fact, Vietnamese hair is soft, silky and smoothy while the Cambodian one is quite coarse and strong. Both of them are collected from healthy women.

Lace Base Human Hair Toupee

Lace toupee is a special type of hair system in which human hair is tied by hand to a lace base material. This type is perfect for those who want to have beautiful hair with a natural hairline. Among 3 common base types of hair toupee, lace is the most breathable material, so it is comfortable for active lifestyles.

However, lace is more fragile than other types of base. Regarding its durability, it can last 1-3 months before you may notice fraying or breakdown of the material itself.

Lace Toupee Pros And Cons

Each type of Human Hair Toupee has its own pros and cons. And lace base toupee for men is no exception.

Advantages of wearing a lace human hair toupee


The best advantage is its naturalness. The lace base can perfectly mimic the look of a natural hairline to make it blend with your own hair. It’s difficult to realize whether you are wearing a toupee or not. The hair strands of a lace toupe are approximately too small to see with the naked eye.


Being the most breathable material, you can feel very comfortable when wearing lace base human hair toupees. You can be confident to wear it in the hot weather without causing your scalp to itch.

Easiness to take care

You can wash your system with proper shampoo regularly without causing any damage to the hair quality. Keep your hair clean and good hair treatments can keep it last longer.

Disadvantages of lace toupee

The disadvantage of this hairpiece is more prone to damage and the price is quite expensive. Even you can find some of the less fashionable toupees for the price of one lace base human hair toupee. Moreover, most part lace hairpieces last up to 3 months if you wear them frequently.

French Lace Vs Swiss Lace

The two most popular lace materials for human hair toupee are French and Swiss lace. And each of the lace has its specialized features and comes in a variety of lengths and colors for you to opt. Let find out what they are.

French Lace

French lace is very strong, slightly thick and quite difficult to tear. Its holes are small, so it can give you an invisible hairline. Hair experts recommend that the newbies should use French lace in the first wearing because it is easy to attach and remove without damaging or breaking your natural hair.
As French lace is thicker, it is truly resilient. The lifespan of a French lace human hair toupee is usually 4-6 months. Even it may last longer if you maintain proper care.

Swiss Lace

Swiss lace human hair toupee is also widely used for a breathable and invisible effect. If you want your hairline as natural as possible, the Swiss lace is ideal. Because the Swiss lace is soft and delicate, it is easier to tear when wearing it. Unlike the French lace, the Swiss one is can’t stand heavy hair density. And of course, the lifespan of this type is shorter than the French one.

There is also another lace material to form a toupee: Monofilament base. This is the conventional material and is now regarded as a distinctive type of mens hair toupee. Check it out there!

How To Wear And Remove Lace Base Hair Toupee

After choosing a suitable toupee for your baldness, the next importance is knowing how to put on it.

Apply A Lace Human Hair Toupee

Step 1: Clean your hair and scalp. You use a wet towel and wipe your scalp clear of any dirt, dust and hairpiece adhesive residue. Then rinse with water and continue repeating the process. Now you use a clean and dry towel to dry your head completely.
Step 2: Attach tape to the toupee. Toupee tape is double-sided which allows one side to stick to the toupee and the other to stick directly to your scalp. Try to place the tape close to the outer edge. You can adjust the hairpiece into the right place.
Step 3: Then, slowly attach the toupee onto your scalp. Use your fingers to increase pressure to the adhesive tape areas.

Remove Toupee Hair System

To keep your hair system last longer, you have to remove it at the end of the day. To keep your hair system last longer, you have to remove it at the end of the day. Gently peel up the adhesive tape of toupee with your fingernails. DON’T pull your hair hard because it can negatively affect your natural hair. You can use an adhesive remover if you really need it.

Human Hair Toupee From Lewigs

All hair toupees from Lewigs – one of the most trustworthy hair suppliers is 100% Remy hair. They are Vietnamese and Cambodian hair which is collected from a single donor in these countries. Because of its origin and high quality, we can dye and bleach your hair depending on the customers’ demand.

With many years in this field, Lewigs say no with synthetic hair. For that reason, you can’t find any synthetic hair products in our factory and store. Wearing lace base hair toupee, your hairstyle will be looked absolutely as natural as possible.

All the hair strands stay aligned in one direction as your bio hair. Therefore, lace base human hair toupee is absolutely smooth and difficult to be tangled. You do not have to spend your time taking care of the hairpiece. By using this kind of hair in our company, the customers will feel very convenient and comfortable to wear.

Buying hair toupee online at Lewigs, you don’t need to worry about the quality and price of hair systems. We are sure that you are completely satisfied with them. Our professional team is willing to meet all of your demands and help you find the best hair product.

Moreover, we can make your lace toupee become straight hair, curly hair, light wavy wave hair… if you pleased. Our hair is various in lengths and colors that can bring to you a trending hairstyle and gorgeous look.

Final thoughts

All of our sharings above are basic information of lace base hair toupees. With its specialized features, we think that you have your own choice. Be confident to change your style, appearance, and your life as well.
Hopefully, this post will help you have an overview of human hair toupee. If you want to get further information, don’t hesitate to us via line +84 98 261 44 86 (WhatsApp / Mobile) or Email: wigtoupeehumanhair@gmail.com.
We are online 24/7.

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