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Mono Toupee Hair Pieces

Monofilament, better known as “mono”, is the most popular material used to form a toupee. Hair strands are ventilated onto a fine fiber net to form a realistic hairline. A monofilament hair toupee allows flexible movement of the hair strands, which means you could part or style it easily. The hair looks like it grows from the scalp. 

A mono hair toupee might or might not have a PU-skin perimeter. Normally, this coated or clear skin perimeter works to easy the installation and removal process. 

Mono lace is kinda stiff, thus it could lengthen the lifespan of the hair system.

If you look for a product that can balance between durability and natural appearance, mono toupee hair pieces are definitely your best mate!

If you look for a product that can balance between durability and natural appearance, mono toupee hair pieces are definitely your best mate!

Many women now are seeking for the best mono base toupee hair pieces, but they don’t know what exactly it is. Hence, keep reading our sharing about the monofilament base to have the right decision and know the place to purchase the best one.

What Are Mono Base Toupee Hair Pieces?

Mono or monofilament base is one of the most favorite base materials. The wearer feels satisfied with toupee hair extensions from Lewigs since its durability won’t let you down. The mono base is firmer and more durable than the lace base.

Toupee hair pieces are made with 100% Remy hair that is collected from the only single healthy donor. Moreover, human hair comes in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured, so it can blend into your real hair.

This hair system is undetectable, natural-looking on top head and long-lasting. So it is considered to be a high-quality hair product in the market. The downside of the mono topper is less variable in colors.

To meet all of the customers’ demands, Lewigs manufactures mono base toupee hair pieces with poly thin skin (PU) at the edges. Our hairpieces have a natural hairline and undetectable to both sight and touch.

Benefits Of Monofilament Base Toupee hair pieces

Hair toupee has come a long way and you can recreate your own hair’s color, style giving the feel of perfectly natural hair. In addition to concealing hair loss, a mono base toupee has many outstanding advantages for you to opt it. Let’s find out what they are.


Skilled craftsmen use many years of experience and love to make your mono base human hairpieces. The black mens toupee hair pieces can also mimic perfectly the look of natural hair growth and provide hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling. If you want to find a shorter style that looks realistic, a monofilament crown is ideal for you.


The hand-tied construction of a monofilament base toupee allows for a more free-flowing movement of the hair fibers. It also adds to the natural aesthetic of the hairpiece.


The hand-knotting makes the custom hair toupee more durable and less likely to break off or slide out from the hairpiece if you care properly. It may take up to 40 hours to make a monofilament hand-tied cap. Keep in mind, the base material is designed to give a natural appearance. Hence, please treat it as gently as possible. With the proper care, mono toupee can last from 1-3 month.


Mono base topper with human virgin hair is safe to wear and it doesn’t damage or break your real hair. It is also very soft, comfortable, and will not irritate your head. If your scalp is sensitive, this hair system can be a great choice for you.

This toupee is usually 100% hair density, but depending on the customers, Lewigs offers the best toupee hair pieces with hair density ranging from 80% to 180%.


Our black hair toupee is remarkably soft and shiny. Its versatility allows the wearer to style it like your bio hair with wavy, curly or straight styles.

Drawbacks Of Mono Base


Many people say that mono base human hair extension is expensive. It’s true because of the highlight features of it. Lewigs thinks the price is right for its quality.

It is natural hair, so you should spend more time to style and care for. It is important to moisture your hair daily because the oils from your scalp can’t supply moisturizers for your toupee.


The weave of the mono base is tighter than the lace base material. So bear in mind that the mono hair system is not as breathable as the lace one, it could make you sweat in the hot weather.

How To Make Mono Hair Systems?

Hand-knotting is the main method of application of hair to the hair toupee for black men. Thanks to a ventilating needle, the craftsman will pull out hair from the base holes and tie it with a knot. There are different knots that are applied on the mono base and some of them are more durable.

– Single knot: With this technique, the hair is tied with a single knot to the mono base. It is used for the temple and side areas of the head.

– A double knot is the most durable knot. This method is visible so it is mainly used for the back of the scalp.

– Double Split Knot is specially used with lace and mono base material. It is more durable and also less visible. Because of its thick texture, Lewigs only use them for the front areas of hairpieces if customers demand.

Injected and V-looped are also 2 common methods but they are not recommended to apply on the mono base toupee.

How To Attach And Remove Mono Base Hairpieces?

Hair Toupee Attachment

The hairpiece needs at least 1 inch on hair to clip onto. It only takes a couple of minutes to put on and less than a minute to take off.

– Use a wet towel to wipe away any adhesive residue from the scalp. Then wash your hair with proper shampoo.

– Dry your hair: Use a clean towel to squeeze the remaining water from your hair. A blowdryer can be used to dry your hair completely.

– Now, you apply tape around the toupee hair system. Determine clearly where you put a toupee and place it into the scalp. Keep the base of the toupee while you secure each tape.

– Blend your existing hair with the toupee until the hairpiece is virtually undetectable. Use a quality comb to brush your hair.

– To have a more natural look, you can trim and style your hair toupee as you pleased. The interesting thing about toupees is that they can be integrated any way that looks best on you, and gives you the most coverage.

Remove A Hair Piece

Safely moving your mono base hair system can be tricky, so you should take it slow and carefully. Most adhesives used for extended wear bonding are very strong and designed to keep your hair firmly attached up to 4 and 5 weeks. So you will need a spay or dab on adhesive remover to take off a toupee. There are many different choices available but most brands will work just fine.

Step 1: Apply a spray or dab directly onto the area of your mono base hair toupee that is secured to your scalp.

Step 2: We recommend always removing your hair system from the back in order to help protect the front hairline. Use the tips of your fingers to locate the edge of the unit and then slowly follow it around to the back.

Step 3: Use tips of your hand and gingerly remove any strands of your natural hair from the toupee. You can easily damage your own hair if you pull the toupee strongly.

Mono Base Toupee At Lewigs

With mono base toupee hair pieces in Lewigs – one of the most reliable human hair toupee manufacturers, you can create texture with any styling tools that closely resemble your existing hair. Human hair comes in straight, light wavy textures to help you find the right one to blend perfectly with your real hair.

Our mono base hair toupee for men is outstanding and we will offer a friendly price for you. Besides toupee, we supply many kinds of human hair toppers and wigs. All of them are high-quality. You don’t need to worry about the quality and price of hair systems when buying mono base hair toupee online at Lewigs.

We are sure that you are completely satisfied with them. Our professional team is willing to meet all of your demands and help you find the best hair product.

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