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Skin Hair Systems For Men

Skin is a favorite material to form the base of a toupee. It is thin and looks like your real skin; thus, it brings along a natural-looking and undetectable hairpiece. The materials for skin hair toupee might be ultra-thin skin, bio-skin, poly skin, and silicon. At Lewigs, we prefer poly skin. Regarding thickness, it varies. 0.03mm, 0.06mm, and 0.08 mm are the three most-seen ones. 

Injection, V-loop, and Single-split knots are the three techniques to ventilate hair onto the skin base to resemble the real hair growing from the scalp skin. 

Skin base hair toupee is attached by glue or tape and could stay securely on your head for a long time. The lifespan of a skin hair toupee might be up to 3 months.

Nowadays, hair extensions are widely used by both men and women who want to lengthen existing hair or conceal the thinning hair areas or bald spots. Skin hair toupee for men from Lewigs ensures both aesthetics and health, so the customers can be completely assured when using our products. 

Have you ever wondered why can celebrities change their hairstyle quickly? If you know the existence of these magical hair extensions methods, you won’t be surprised. Of course, human hair extensions are wizards here. They can change short hair into long hair, dark colors to bright colors in a couple of minutes.

What Is Skin Hair Toupee?

Skin is one of the most popular basement to make hair wigs, toupees, and so on. It is very soft, lightweight, easy to clean. Like its name, it looks almost like your own scalp when you wear it. However, its disadvantage is not breathable as lace and monofilament bases. 

A skin base is not as breathable as the lace one. Hence, customers in countries with temperate and cold climates tend to love this type. So for customers in hot or tropical climates, you still wear a skin base hair system if you like. It is not a big problem.

In Lewigs, a skin hair toupee closely resembles your scalp. When being designed by skilled craftsmen, the hairpiece will appear as though it is growing directly from your head. Whether you are black mens or white one, there’s no need to worry about being detected. 

This skin base is great for making hair toupee, closures, and wigs. It offers you the utmost natural appearance. The lifespan of a skin base ranges several months with proper maintenance, and care. Even thick skin bases can last longer.

Ventilating techniques for skin base hair systems are split knots, V-looped, and injected hair. All of them can make your hairpiece look as realistic as possible.

Depending on each type and the thickness of the skin base hair toupee, the cost varies. At Lewigs, we only supply skin base human hair extensions with high-quality. So you can’t find any synthetic hair products in our factory and store.

Pros and Cons of Skin Hair Toupee 

Advantage of skin toupee hair pieces

Variety of colors and lengths

Skin bases are various colors and lengths to better blend with your complexion. It is usually light, medium brown or transparent to suit different skin tones. Lewigs also has many types of hairpieces with a diversity of lengths. Whether you are seeking hair toupee for black men or white men, you will find a perfect base skin hair system when visiting us. 

We can also custom hair toupee according to your requirements.

Comfortability to style

Skin hair toupee and wig from Lewigs can be styled easily. We only use the best quality Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. These two types of hair are famous for their high-quality and features. Moreover, all cuticles in the hair system are in the same direction as your existing hair, which can avoid tangling and shedding. 

Easiness to remove adhesive glues

Another benefit of skin base hairpiece is that not take much time to remove sticky residue like a lace base.

Natural hairline

Like our other hair products, people will not notice you are wearing skin base hair systems or not. It has a beautiful and natural front hairline. If you prefer a natural hairstyle, let give of our excellent hairpieces for men a try.

Drawbacks of skin hair toupee for men

Uncomfortable to wear in the hot weather

A skin base hair system is not breathable, so you may feel uncomfortable to wear in hot or warmer temperatures. Let measure your thinning hair areas and badness spots before ordering a hairpiece.

Quite difficult to attach if you are a newbie

If you are wearing a skin base hair system for the first time, you can find difficult to leave it in the right place. So, go to a salon and the stylist will help you finish the process perfectly.  

Ventilation technique on skin base

Ventilating methods for skin base hair systems are split knots, V-looped, and injected hair. But V-looped and injected hair are required most. 


With this method, craftsmen will puncture 2 holes in the base with a special needle. The hair will go through one hole and go out through another hole that gives a V shape look. Because the manufacturing process does not involve knotting, people won’t recognize that it is a hairpiece. V-looped hair is so easy to style since you can comb it in any direction without breaking or shedding.


Hair is inserted by hand to the skin base material from different angles. The best part is it looks more like your bio hair as individual strands of natural hair tend to fall in different directions.

At Lewigs, our technicians put the base on a mold and use a special needle to inject top of hair through the base. After getting all hair through the base, we flip the base over and clip off the hairs which are on the bottom of the base. We will secure the hair with a layer of glue on the bottom. There is no knot on the base, so the hair toupee would look ultra-realistic. 

Split knots

The knot is one of the traditional ways of ventilating hair to a hairpiece. There are two main types of knots: single split knots and double split knots. In this method, skillful craftsmen make two strands of hair that stay together to make the knot, like how we make a knot with a rope. 

Hair Toupee Installation and Remove

Below Lewigs will give you some guides and tips about fitting a skin base hair system for men like an expert.

How To Wear A Skin Hair Toupee?

– Prepare a new hair toupee: Wet the hair before cutting the extra skin base hair system. Cut the base material will make your hair look more natural.

– Clean your scalp: Remember to wipe adhesive residue from your head with a wet towel. You can use adhesive remover if necessary. Then shampoo your hair to make sure that your hair and scalp are completely clean. Then dry your hair.

If you want to protect your skin, use a layer of scalp protector before attaching a skin base hair system.

– Apply adhesive: Apply a very thin layer of adhesive on your scalp. Wait and allow the first adhesive to dry and continue brushing the second layer. 

– Put on the hair system: Applying your new hair system after make sure that the adhesive is completely dry. Position and put the hair replacement system to your satisfaction, then use a comb to press the unit on the scalp. After attaching, keep your hair system dry for 24 hours. 

Tips For Removing Skin Toupee For Men

Spray a remover around the base skin and wait a couple of minutes for releasing the adhesive. Gently lift the hair away from your scalp. Don’t pull hard because it can damage your natural hair and make your hair condition worse.

After removing, gently wash your hair and scalp with shampoo. 

Skin Base Hair Toupee At Lewigs

Lewigs always proud of being one of the most trustworthy hair toupee manufacturers and suppliers in the market. We try our best to bring the best quality of hair products and support customers at any time. 

Our factory says no with synthetic hair so all hair toupees and wigs are durable. We only use Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair collected from healthy women in these countries. We use no chemicals, so hair’s structure is not to be changed, cuticle and protein would remain intact. That’s why many customers come back to use our products.

Our skin base hair system is also one hundred percent safe to use. There is no break, no harm to your existing hair. Even you can comb, dye, style, and bleach it in any way you like without worrying about damaging your real hair.

Lewigs supplies many kinds of hair systems made from the skin base such as human hair toupee, wigs, and toppers. You can easily find the perfect hairpiece you want. Moreover, we can make a beautiful hair system according to your requirements. 

That’s all our sharings about skin hair toupee for men. And don’t hesitate to leave your demands or requirements if you want to get further information.

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