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How Fast Does Baby Hair Grow: In Womb, Newborn, First Cut

As you can see, some babies came into this world with plenty of hair. Meanwhile, others were utterly bald when they were born. Do not worry too much if your child is in this or that case. Both are entirely normal. In case you do not know, a little one born with a lot of strands tends to go bald during the first several months before they grow back. It should not be a cause for your concern. It is because he/ she develops the hair of some different types in various stages. Correctly, how fast does baby hair grow? Let Lewigs answer this question.

The hair of your baby in the womb

How can baby hair grow in this case? It starts before your child is even born. By the pregnancy’s 14th week of pregnancy, the baby in the womb will develop a lanugo’s layer – it is a fine, soft hair that begins on her/ his face and covers the whole body in the end.

How Fast Does Baby Hair Grow: In Womb, Newborn, First Cut
hair grows when baby is in the womb

Hairs grow on the head of the baby as soon as the pregnancy’s 30th week. What is more? By the 32nd week, he/ she develops eyebrows and eyelashes. Lanugo begins to fall off in the last weeks of pregnancy before delivery. And just about all of it shed by the time of birth.

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A newborn hair 

How fast does baby hair grow in this stage? Most children are born without or with little curls on their heads. On the other hand, some showed up with a full head of hair. Any strand which comes with them at birth or begins to grow on a baby soon after tends to fall out eventually. Still, it should not be the reason for your worry. Instead, the process is normal. Naturally, a baby’s hair falls out for making way for his/ her mature hair. Not only baby hair but also mature locks develop at different rates. Yet, most of the time, you can expect mature strands to begin growing in at about six months of age.

How Fast Does Baby Hair Grow: In Womb, Newborn, First Cut
newborn baby’s hair

Let’s go into the details on how long does it grow. Following birth, every hair of the baby remains in the resting phase. The phase ends after an increasing number of resources become available. After that, how fast does baby hair grow? Hair is likely to begin to shed at eight to twelve weeks of age. Then, it starts to grow back anywhere between three and seven months. That said, you have to wait until two years of age or so for thicker hair to emerge.

How quickly does your baby girl hair become longer? There is no magic. The most significant thing is patience! Similar to the curls of everyone, including adults, her new hair tends to grow half to one inch every month and around five to six inches averagely each year. Yet, it could be a couple of months until you begin to notice visible growth.

How fast does baby hair grow after first cut?

Also, when should your little one get her/ his first cut of the hair? If he/ she entered the world with voluminous curls, he/ she could probably be ready for the haircut as soon as eight months. Still, if your baby was bald, they may only need one at the age of two. There is indeed no wrong or right time to go. That is also the reason why many babies wear hair topper or toupee hairpiece ever since they are little.

How Fast Does Baby Hair Grow: In Womb, Newborn, First Cut
after 8 months, your baby might be ready for the first haircut

Also, no proven evidence suggests that haircutting makes it develop more quickly. Yet, we can tell you from various experiences that it somehow helps. Our theory is that after cleaning up or trimming the scraggly ends and giving a style and shape to the hair, you make it look thicker and ultimately see the noticeable growth more.

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How about baby hair growth after shaving? How swiftly will my baby locks grow after that? When shaving the hair, you can see that it cannot impact the follicles. So, if doing so does no good to your child’s hair follicles, it will do nothing to the strands themselves, too. Still, as we mentioned above about the reason, there are few chances for quicker growth.

Overall, how fast does baby hair grow? It depends on the stages. Also, if your child desperately wants their hair to grow longer more quickly, you can consult the tips for baby hair growth from the doctors and experts to make it work.

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