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Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace

You never want your scalp to be bitten by this disgusting thing.

No one likes fleas as they make them feel uncomfortable. You think fleas can nest in human hair. Is it true or false? Let delve into our words below to understand more about this tiny creature and how to treat if fleas live in human hair. 

Keep reading to say goodbye to the embarrassing, itchy nuisance that fleas in human hair bring along.

Can fleas live in human hair?

Now, we will see “can fleas live in human hair” or not. You know fleas can jump very far and high compared their sizes. A study shows that fleas can hop a distance of 8 inches on average. And the longest distance it can reach is 19 inches. In terms of height, fleas can jump an average of 6 inches, it is the reason why you see most flea bites are around the ankle area.

Now, you will positive that fleas can jump to your head. So why do fleas get in human hair? And what do fleas look like? You can search for the pictures online. It is tiny and looks somehow different from the fleas on animals. But overall, it still looks frightfull.

Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace
fleas in human hair

So, where do these fleas in Remy human hair come from? You would have a pet that infests fleas. You hold your cat/dog close to your head or you let your pet sleep with you. Or you may lie down in places like a carpet that has fleas. All these things might be the way that you and this frightening thing meet up.

The favorite environment of fleas is on the animals. But if fleas do not find their preferred hosts, the human is an alternative option. You have full or dense frizzy hair, it is an ideal new house for them. However, they will not stay there forever.

As we’ve mentioned, humans are poor hosts for fleas, so female flea fertility will be completely stunned. You don’t need to be disquieted regarding fleas laying eggs in your hair. 

Another case is, fleas were born, and grow on your scalp. We also call it “head lice”, and this thing does not originate from anywhere. In some ways, it appears on your head and becomes a disaster to those experiencing it. 

Fleas in human hair symptoms

After answering the question “Do fleas live in human hair?”, now you move to the next part –  fleas in human hair symptoms. Human fleas look very much like other kinds of fleas and you have to use a microscope to have a good vision. 

Let’s check the following symptoms:

Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace
fleas make you feel itchy on the scalp

– You don’t have sensitive skin, don’t experience any allergic reactions before. But suddenly you feel itchy on the scalp, head lice may go in your human hair. They always hide in your bio hair and bite your scalp or neck. It causes intense itching that makes you feel uncomfortable.

– You can see red welts and bumps on the areas where fleas bite you. These red marks can last 2-3 days and lead to itching. Note: don’t scratch the bites. 

– You feel like there’s something crawling in your hair. It may be the symptom of fleas or head lice.  

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How to get rid of fleas in human hair

It is terribly essential to induce fleas out of the hair. If you do not handle, they will multiply and continue biting your scalp, causing an uncomfortable feeling. Here are some ways on how to treat fleas.

Apply home remedy

To kill fleas in human hair, you make a piece of water and baking soda. Put the paste in a spray bottle and then spray it to your hair. Make sure that you leave it in your hair for 10 minutes or more. Finally, rinse off human hair with warm water, free-shampoo.

Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace
baking soda can kill fleas in human hair

Use shampoo for fleas in human hair

How do you get rid of fleas? To meet the customers’ demands, manufacturers produce shampoos made specifically for killing fleas. 

You can easily find these products in a local store or online. Before applying shampoo, please read and follow the instruction carefully. Add the shampoo all over the hair, then leave it there for at least 15 minutes. Rinse the shampoo off with warm water. Use a fine-tooth comb to, brush through the hair to remove dead fleas. Sometimes fleas can lay eggs on the strands, so comb the hair also remove their eggs. 

Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace
use head lice shampoo

For instance, you use tea tree oil-based shampoos to clean the hair. It is believed one of the most effective products for killing fleas. The tea tree oil is anti-parasitic which can eliminate fleas and their eggs.

Wash the hair with dish soap 

Do you know that lemon-scented dish soap also works to kill fleas? Many flea sufferers are successful when washing their hair with this soap. Bear in mind that you have to wash the hair clearly after applying dishwashing liquid. 

Use apple cider vinegar 

This is another useful treatment. Apply the vinegar around your head and wear a shower cap. Leave it for 15 minutes or more. Finally, wash your hair as usual.   

Cut the human hair to get rid of fleas

To minimize fleas’ activity, you should cut your hair short and use your hands to catch fleas and their eggs. Use a fine-tooth comb to brush the fleas is a great way. Shampoo your bio hair and continuously keep it dry.

Fleas In Human Hair Symptoms & How To Stop This Menace
wear a good and clean wig

Have a clean wig

Not only can fleas live in human hair but it also stays on your hairpieces. When buying a wig or a topper, check it carefully to make sure there is no sign of fleas, head lice, or eggs on the strands. 

In addition to a meticulous check when receiving the hair system, you also need to clean it regularly to keep it tidy. 

The Bottom Line

“Can fleas live in human hair?” Lewigs hope that after this post, you have got quite an idea about this issue.

If you notice there are fleas in human hair on your head, meet a dermatologist to consult them. And be quick to treat it as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted distress and itchiness.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or leave your comment below. We look forward to hearing your voice.

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