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Lyle Menendez Toupee – The Last Straw Leading To A Murder!

It has been 31 years since Lyle Menendez and his brother killed their parents, but the information of murderers still captivate the world’s attention. Many wondered why they killed their parents while others are curious about their lives now. In fact, it is Lyle Menendez toupee that played as the final straw leading to these bros’ brutal crime.

After admitted killing parents, Menendez brothers are currently serving a life sentence. Lyle Menendez’s information is a hot topic in most conversations at that time, including his hair. The fact is that Lyle wore toupee when he was still young. In this post today, we only focus on Lyle Menendez toupee. Together with Lewigs answer the question “why did Lyle Menendez wear a toupee during his younger years” and his hair condition now. Let’s get started!

What do you know about Lyle Menendez?

Before diving deeper into Lyle Menendez toupee, Lewigs shares you some basic information about Lyle. Lyle was born in 1968 in America and is known as a murder in the “flower flag country.” He was born in New York City and grew up in New Jersey state. He and his brother, Erik, were sentenced to serve life in prison without parole in 1996 for murdering their parents. Specifically, they shot and killed their parents, Jose and  Mary “Kitty” Menendez, at their house in 1989. They were alleged to kill their parents because their father always exerted immense pressure on them for years. He wanted them to succeed in school and athletics. This case confused public opinion in the US during that time. People said that many years of abuse is the reason leading to their actions.  

Lyle Menendez Toupee - The Last Straw Leading To A Murder!
Lyle Menendez

Lyle married the first time in 1996. His ex-wife is Anna Eriksson who is a former model as well as his pen pal, but his marriage only lasted five years. He married magazine editor Rebecca Sneed in 2003 behind the bars. In prison, he always fought for a new trial but denied repeatedly.

In 2012, an article from People magazine revealed that Lyle spent his time in prison to play sports, such as lifting weights and play basketball. He was also serving as leading a support group for victims of sexual abuse and violence. 

After knowing basic information about the murderer, move to the main part of this post today – toupee Lyle Menendez.

Other figures with toupee:

Why did Lyle Menendez wear a toupee?

Did Lyle Menendez wear a toupee? He had thick dark hair when he was young but it was not his real hair strands. He wore a toupee to get this hair look. When he killed his parents, he was only 21 years and his brother was 18. In the trial in the ’90s, Lyle wore a blue sweater and black hair. Over three decades passed, he is a grown man currently, 52-years-old. His image on the screen, especially his hair, has been a point of spotlight discussion at this time. He used an expensive hairpiece for many years. 

Who used to see young Lyle Menendez without toupee? Lyle always wore his wig, both at home and go out. But five days before the murder, his mother Kitty ripped off Lyle’s wig during an argument about his hairpiece. He claimed that this was the first time his brother Erik saw Lyle Menendez without toupee. Erik did not know his older brother’s baldness before. Lyle Menendez wore toupee but there are not many people realizing that he was getting support from a hair replacement. They called Lyle Menendez toupee as a masterpiece of wig making.  

Lyle Menendez Toupee - The Last Straw Leading To A Murder!
Lyle Menendez with toupee

Just like other wig wearers, Lyle Menendez wore a toupee to hide his hair defeats because of his prematurely balding. He applied an excellent hair wig when he was 14. But there is another reason that forced him to wear toupee many years when he was young. His father Jose Menendez made him wear a toupee to cover thinning hair. Jose did not accept his elder son with less hair on the head. His father once told Lyle that it was better for his image if he had fuller and thicker hair. 

What does Lyle Menendez look like without his toupee?

In prison, Lyle was not permitted to wear a hairpiece. He was allowed to wear his wig when he appeared in court. At some of the early hearings shortly in 1990, the murderer still appeared with thick dark hair that police did not know. 

When he was arrested and served life in prison in the Los Angeles County Jail, he was detected to wear one. His hairpiece flew off when a fellow prisoner slapped his head when he was showering. Then, other prisoners tried to hide the hair from Lyle, he had to go into the courtroom with no hair replacement. It was said that Lyle shaved his head at the time. 

Lyle Menendez Toupee - The Last Straw Leading To A Murder!
Lyle Menendez without toupee

Many years in prison, Lyle now is confident to show his baldness. He looks aged and matured after 31 years of serving life in prison. But in a recent picture of Lyle, he looks so good after all these years. Looking strong and healthy! The prison day of the murderer starts with breakfast at 6:30 am, then he and other prisoners are allowed recreation and exercise in the morning. A day finishes at 9 pm and he is back in his cell. 

Lyle and his brother are helping others in prison who were experiencing abuse and trauma as children. Lyle works as an activist for prison reform and is also working on a project to have a small outdoor recreation area in the jail in California. Nowadays, Lyle does not wear his toupee but he has an upbeat attitude. He and his brother also repeatedly express their remorse in media interviews and have accepted the fact that they will spend their rest of life in prison. 

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To Sum up

Hope that this post helps you get a deeper insight into Lyle Menendez toupee and his hair condition. Have any questions, don’t fret to tell Lewigs. 

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