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My Hair Isn’t Growing – Cracking The Underlying Causes

It’s undeniable that having a long, luster bundle of hair would open the larger door to the beauty world, but trying to make it grow is not a piece of cake, but a challenge. Have you ever felt like your hair has stopped growing? This article is to find the reason why “my hair isn’t growing” – a question that many people are having in their minds. 

It’s frustrating if you have put on several hair masks and taken on countless nourishing supplements but there’s no sign that the inches of your hair increase. And it’s even more annoying when you can’t figure out which reason is stopping your strands from growing. 

So, why does my hair not grow? 

Here are some potential causes that prevent your attempt to reach long and voluminous hair. 

Your Body Is Lacking Essential Vitamins And Minerals

A very common reason for why my hair isn’t growing is vitamin deficiency. In other words, your diet is poor. 

To get long, luster hair, you need to maintain good and stable nutrition. Nutrients and vitamins like iron, zinc, antioxidants, biotin, protein, and vitamins A, D, and E are essential for good hair health. The absence of any among them might entail hair shedding. And when the hair growth cannot surpass hair loss, then you will never see your hair grow longer. 

My Hair Isn’t Growing - Cracking The Underlying Causes
lack of vitamins and minerals

To fix this problem, provide your body with essential supplements every day within 3 months. You won’t need to take on too much medicine but find the multi-mineral supplement instead. 

Another way is to fix your daily diet. Determine what you should eat instead of what you want to eat. 

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You Are Ignoring Your Scalp Health

Healthy hair growth not only involves the breadth’s development but also the status of the scalp where the strands grow from. Once you forget any of these two, you won’t get what you want. And most of the time, we are paying too much attention to the strands but forget to notice the scalp. 

People often fail to notice that it’s the scalp health that decides the growth of the hair. For example, even when the tips of your strands are severely damaged due to hair dye or split ends, the roots continue to grow. But if you fail to nourish the scalp, then the strands won’t be provided with enough “food” to grow fast. 

Therefore, it is exceptionally important to take good care of your head skin. It is not a difficult task, actually. 

You can nourish your scalp by protecting it from sunburn or harsh chemical exposure. Using the right shampoo and conditioner helps, also. 

Moreover, give your scalp a gentle massage on a frequent basis. It will help circulate the blood flow and allow your scalp to breathe better. 

My Hair Isn’t Growing - Cracking The Underlying Causes
care your scalp health

Your Hair Is Exposed To Too Much Chemical And Heat

Many people keep asking why isn’t my hair growing anymore but fail to notice it was all their carelessness. 

We all love styling hair. But sadly, the heat and chemical from the styling process would prevent your attempt to earn long, luster, and attractive hair. These harsh chemicals and excessive heat are causing the strands to break much faster than how they can grow. Damage has been posed to the hair shaft and you will end up with having to trim your hair ends. And it might be years for you to get a certain length if such this issue keeps happening. 

And it is time to add more moisture to your real hair. 

Once the hair is dehydrated, brittle, and dry, there is only one way out: re-moisturize it. Choose a moisturizer that will not only add moisture to hair but provide proteins and nutrients to your tresses, also. 

My Natural Hair Isn’t Growing – The Heredity Factor

It’s normal if our hair stops growing and gets thinner when we age. But if it stops growing when we are still young, we are getting into trouble. And heredity is the root cause. 

Heredity hair thinning is not a rare thing that happens to people in young and middle ages. It is scientifically called hair miniaturization – a process often taking place in people who are predisposed to androgenetic hair thinning. During this process, the size of your hair follicles become smaller. 

As the rule of thumb, the larger the follicles are, the longer the strands would grow. Hence, by being affected by miniaturization, you won’t be able to grow long hairs. In contrast, they are prone to become duller and weaker. 

Your Hair Hasn’t Ended Its Days-Off Yet

My Hair Isn’t Growing - Cracking The Underlying Causes
hair growth cycle

Probably, this is the hardest to solve among the reasons why your hair is growing any longer. Just so you know, the life of your tresses goes through 3 phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. 

The first one, anagen, is when the strands grow fastest and it often lasts around 3.5 years (even up to 7 years in some cases) before turning to catagen – the transitional period between the first and the last phases. The second phase only takes around 10 days. And after this phase, your hair enters telogen, starting to “rest”. 

During the telogen, the strands are released and start to shed. During this time, the follicles will rest and remain inactive. 

And notably, not all strands on your head experience this phase at the same time. Each follicle will experience these 3 phases at different times. If not, your hair will fall all at once, and that would be TERRIBLE!

It’s normal if you shed around 50-100 strands each day, but if the number increases, you might be experiencing effects from improper haircare or hormonal imbalance. 

You may find this phase irritating but in fact, it might be the start of something new. These hair falling would leave rooms for new hair growth. Therefore, care your scalp carefully so that your new-born hair can grow high. 

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So, What Could Be Done?

Once you have determined why your hair isn’t growing, it’s time to find ways to tackle it. Some certain solutions have been given out such as having a proper diet and maintaining a healthy scalp. These are the things that not only people suffering from stopped hair growth and excessive hair shedding but every ordinary person should do. 

My Hair Isn’t Growing - Cracking The Underlying Causes
use hair integration systems to cover your thin hair

These ways, of course, take time to show effect. So, how to hide your thinning hair while waiting for it to regrow? Try using hairpieces. 

There are many hair integration options that could help you earn long and luster hair. You can use hair extensions to add volume and length to the hair or use a hair topper to cover your thinning crown. In case you want to update a totally new look, try using human hair wigs. 

These products are all available to shop at Lewigs. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly to get instant support on what should be done. We are reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 261 44 86 (Mobile/WhatsApp) and email: info@lewigs.com

Hope you enjoy the post and can’t wait to hear from you! 

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