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Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide

How to keep your wig tangle-free?

Hair is the most important part of the body that needs to be cared for. It is, therefore, necessary to bring a touch of attention, whether for a man or a woman. If you don’t have time to change your hairstyle regularly, or have a thin hair, short hair, using a beautiful wig will help you solve these problems. But wigs are a bit of a “difficult” accessory, requiring a special hair care regime. If we don’t preserve carefully, the wig will be messed up and degraded quickly. In this article, we will guide you on how to unknot wigs with a wig detangler.

Types of wig materials

Currently, on the market, wigs are very diverse in style, design and are mainly produced from the following three types of materials:

– Toyokalon nylon thread is considered the precursor of the current wig. With this material, the hair is always smooth, easy to comb, less tangled but the large, rough hair looks unnatural and does not withstand the effects of heat and chemicals, so it can’t be styled. 

– Kanekalon fiber has the structure and the look like real hair, so hair models with this material are very popular. Overcoming the limitations that nylon hair leaves, so artificial hair brings satisfaction to users. But this material is often tangled, so we need to preserve and take care of the wig

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
human hair vs synthetic wigs

Real hair wigs: best material for a wig. You can freely style, bend, stretch, dye, … without worries. The hair is always fluffy and soft, making people around can’t take the eyes off. The wig products from this material have been diversified in categories such as bald bangs, bangs, half-head wigs, full-head wigs, hair clips, etc., thus being suitable for all the needs of customers.   

How to detangle your wig in the right way

The first is the principle of lightness, haste, and impatience at the time of troubleshooting your wig, which not only helps you solve the problem but also makes it worse. Calm down to find the tangles, and remove them according to the rules of the curls. If your real hair grows all over your head, the wig is fixed with strips, clips, so it’s easy to find a tangle.

Next is the wig detangler spray/conditioner when needed, this is a product specifically for wigs. For severe tangles, you can’t see it, spray it on a little bit and brush slightly to slowly remove the termite.

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
how to detangle a wig

Do not detangle when your hair is still wet, this is a thing you should remember if you do not want to damage the hair. With real hair, the tangles can be solved when wet but with the wig is the opposite. The more it returns to a dry state, the easier it is for you to observe. Unless it’s messy when you’re washing your hair, be careful to use a brush and conditioner to soften your hair and gently brush it evenly. Finally, when the hair is removed, spray the conditioner on and put it on a dedicated hair stand  The hair product made from synthetic material will be most tangled, if we don’t know how to detangle synthetic wig, it may cause hair loss. Wig detanglers are there to remedy and give a new vibrant life to the hair. 

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The 4 following products are the best hair detangler recommended. You can use them not only for your wigs but for other hairpieces like toupee and topper, also.

Ebin New York 5 Second Detangler for Wigs 250ml

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
Ebin New York 5 Second Detangler for Wigs 250ml

This wig detangler is made up of the nano-grade of multi-size protein molecules. This substance support in separate the tresses and repairs the dry and damaged split ends. Ebin Detangler also protects your wigs from color fading and provides weightless moisture to the hair. As a result, the hair on your hairpiece will become silky, soft, and extra shiny.

Brandywine Wig Detangler / Leave-In Conditioner 8oz

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
Brandywine Wig Detangler / Leave-In Conditioner 8oz

This product is used as a leave-in conditioner to add moisture and shine to dry hair to make styling easier. Therefore, it could leave hair shiny, smooth and manageable and works on synthetic and human hair wigs

Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray [pH6] 

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
Awesome Synthetic Wig Leave-in Conditioning Spray

Prolongs the life of your wig, detangles hair, prevents dryness, provides freshness feeling, promotes silkiness, shine and volume.

ON Organic Wig & Weave Detangler

On Organic Natural Weave & Wig Conditioner and Detangler Coco Lime is an amazing product to invest in. It is made with superior quality Coconut, Lime, Green Tea, Olive, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera extracts. ON’s product is specially designed for Remy Hair, Lace Wig and all types of premium human hair systems.

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
On Natural Weave & Wig Conditioner & Detangler, 8 Fluid Ounce

Enriching silicone that provides a superior healthy shines, instantly gives hair new luster and helps repair damaged, dulled and frizzy hair.

Besides using the wig detangler products, you will also need a special comb for combing wigs, the comb for combing wigs is different from the usual comb

How to make DIY wig detangler

You will need

– Empty spray bottle(12 oz. bottle)

– 2–3 Tbsp. regular conditioner

– Hot (not boiling) water

– Optional: essential oil (for scent) of your choice

Wig Detangler 101: Our Step-By-Step Guide
a DIY wig detangler

Steps to make a DIY wig detangler

1: Put 2–3 tablespoons of your favorite conditioner in your squirt bottle.

2: Fill up the bottle with hot water. 

3: Add 2–3 drops of essential oil. 

4: Shake and Done!

5: Spray on the dry wig to untangle even the worst cases of bedhead or convertible-car-hair. Just spray on and comb through, you can also spray on damp hair to use as a leave-in conditioner. 

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Where to buy Wig detangler?

Wig detangler can be purchased on e-commerce websites like  Amazon or eBay. Hair vendors like Lewigs also provide wig detangler products. They contain all the best brands and genuine manufacturers of such tools. Furthermore, with Amazon or eBay, you can find even old models from several years ago and other models and brands trusted by consumers worldwide. You can also find a wide range of products with the best deals. However, most of them are not perfectly made and can’t guarantee the origin and quality of the product. You can consult highly trusted and verified sellers on the market. Lewigs is a brand that understands the importance of hair products and will always try our best to supply the best service. 


Now that you have already learned everything about wig detangler. One thing left to do is to choose your favorite products. 

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