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How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? – These Statistics Are Real!

It's different in males and females.

Hair shedding is a part of your life, but it would be a problem if the hair loses too much. Many reasons cause hair loss, from genetics to how you care about your hair. These seemingly harmless also make your hair thinner and thinner. So, how much hair loss is normal?

Depending on hair types, sexuals, the number of hair strands falling out is different. How much daily hair loss is normal for a man and a woman? Delve into our blog post to learn more about it.

How much hair loss is normal in a day

How is your healthy hair? It is plenty of volumes, strength, and shines. Hair growth includes three main phases: anagen phase (growth), catagen phase (intermediate), and telogen phase (resting and shedding). In the anagen, your tresses grow, develop, and this phase lasts for two to eight years. The follicles shrink and your hair becomes weaker in the second phase. It only lasts for a short time, around 1-2 weeks. In the last stage, the hair starts shedding. Hair follicles will be in this phase from two to four months before growing new hair. 

How much daily hair loss is normal? Many studies show that each person sheds an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day. Because there are more than 100.000 hair follicles on our scalps, the loss of 100 strands per day doesn’t make a big difference in appearance. For example, you can see a clump of lost hair strands at the drain after showering, it is normal hair shedding. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? - These Statistics Are Real!
people shed averagely 50 – 100 strands of hair per day

When the number is more than 100 fibers and this condition lasts for a long time, you have to find out specifically the reason for an effective treatment. You are facing hair loss that includes balding spots, you should see the dermatologist. 

You notice a lot of hair go down the drain after shampooing, you may be worried. It’s normal. But how much hair loss is normal when washing hair or in the shower? If you have thick hair, you could lose 150- 200 strands. If you don’t wash your hair again the next day, it will not lose very much.  

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Hair loss in male and female

Typically, women lose more hair a day than men. Why? Heating style and regularly color play a big part in how much hair sheds per day. There are approx 40 percent of women experiencing hair loss per day because of the way they treat their hair. Pregnancy also affects hair shedding as it changes hormones. About 40-50% of postpartum women have to face this problem.

How much hair loss is normal male 

When you age, you see your hair at the drain after showering and you see your forehead when looking at yourself in the mirror. It is usual. The question is how much hair loss is normal when washing hair male? It is unusual if young men lose between 25 and 150 strands/day. It is true for the assumption that our hair should fall out between 50 to 100 hairs each day.

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? - These Statistics Are Real!
for men, about 25 – 50 strands per day is a normal rate

Almost hair loss occurs in the shower. It is still common to fall out some when you comb through the back to the front. But if the number of hair falling out increases after you have shampooed or you are suddenly finding it all over your clothes, that could signal a problem. Find the cause and treat it.  

How much hair loss is normal female

According to the America Academy of Dermatology statistic, the hair problem appears in both the young and the elder. It can start as early as age 25-30 in women. But how much hair loss is normal woman? Often, when a normal hair shed, the new hair that is equal in size will replace it. But in women with prolonged hair loss, the new strands will be thin and weak. Then the hair follicles will shrink and stop growing altogether. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? - These Statistics Are Real!
women tend to lose more hair after delivery

You wonder how much hair loss is normal after pregnancy and postpartum. During pregnancy, the life of the hair is extended as more estrogen is released. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are a major cause of hair loss after birth. The problem can occur 3 to 6 months after birth, and it is called post-partum telogen effluvium. Instead of losing 50 to 100 strands as normal, your hair in postpartum falls out more than 200 strands a day. Don’t freak out! It is a temporary phenomenon, and your hair will grow again soon.

How to notice hair loss on your head

Here are two common ways to check your own rate of hair shedding. 

Pull test 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? - These Statistics Are Real!
have a pull test

You can perform a test on your hair at home. Take a small section of hair that is clean and dry. Run your fingers through the area and pull a little bit until you reach the hair ends. You see five to eight strands on your hands, it is normal. But there are more than 20 strands, you could be experiencing excessive hair loss. You should have a date with your doctor to determine the reason.

Comb test

Here is another way you can try to test your hair state. Before washing, gently brush the tresses from the back to the front over a contrasting color towel or pillowcase. Repeat the process for one minute, then count the hair strands falling out on the floor. Don’t worry if you see 10 hair strands when brushing as it is normal. 

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal? - These Statistics Are Real!
comb your hair to see if it sheds a lot

Of course, the numbers of the lost strands are not the same with different hair types. Also, when we get older, the strands tend to lose more. Whether you are young or middle-aged, you can do the test monthly to keep a check on your hair health. 

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Our conclusion

Lewigs hopes that our sharings above could somehow support you answer the question of how much hair loss is normal for men and women.

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