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Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? – Hope vs. Reality

Will there ever be a cure for male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is the most popular type of men hair loss. It causes a ton of inconveniences to man and many want to find an ultimate cure to treat them. So in this article, Lewigs will be together with you discussing the most effective male pattern baldness cure. Let’s check it out.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Almost all the reasons for hair loss or baldness of men stemming from genetic heredity. Other causes triggering hair loss can be lack of protein or too much vitamin A. Stress and illness can also be one of the reasons which lead to sudden hair shedding heavily.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? - Hope vs. Reality
male pattern baldness

How to cure male pattern baldness?

Will there ever be a cure for male pattern baldness? You may look for some medical treatments but in fact, they just help in slowing down the hair falling process. Minoxidil, for example, a cure approved by FDA, which applies directly to your scalp. Its functions are to slow the level of hair loss and promote new hair growth. But if you stop using it, hair loss will happen again. Or Finasteride, another male pattern baldness cure, it has the same effects as Minoxidil, but work even better. However, once you stop using it, hair loss will return.

If your hair loss is at a serious level, you may need hair transplant surgery to store your hair. But it cost very high and barely covered by insurance.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? - Hope vs. Reality
there is now no cure for male pattern baldness

So if you are seeking a permanent natural cure male pattern baldness with high results and cost reasonable, hairpieces may be the best choice. They, of course, will not help to promote hair growth but they can cover your hair loss anytime and anywhere just after applying. That means you do not have to wait for the treatment has the result. Once you wear it, the result is immediate. Moreover, hair replacement systems also offer you various styles, which means you can choose hair length, color and so on. You can change your look easily and frequently with a hairpiece.

For all men who are suffered from hair loss or baldness, we highly recommend hair toupee, a new male pattern baldness cure.

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What is hair toupee?

Hair toupees can be easily understood as hairpieces that are used to fill up or cover hair loss or bald areas of men. It is one of the best male pattern baldness cures.

There are two types of hair toupee, Synthetic and Human hair toupee. They have the effect which is to cover up your hair loss. But because of the different features, human hair toupee is more popular and highly recommended than Synthetic ones because:

Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? - Hope vs. Reality
human hair toupee to cover pattern baldness in men

Human hair looks more real. Unlike synthetic hair made from man-made fibers which can result in fake look, Human hair, as its name shows, will give you natural look when using it. It is not easy to detect then you can be confident and comfortable to wear it to work or join outdoor activities.

Human hair can be styled. We mean styling hair using the heat method. Because human hair toupee acts like your real hair so you can straighten, curl, bleach and dye it as you do with your own hair.

It is safe to wear human hair. Most of the human hair toupee is made with a very thin and airy base which gives you comfort when wearing. Moreover, it is ideal for those whose skin is sensitive. And wearing human hairpieces also protects your real hair from external hair loss causes like heat.

How to choose hair toupee for yourself?

First, you should consider choosing the right base of hair toupee. Measuring your head side to pick up the right base size, which helps the toupee fit your scalp perfectly. Then figure out which toupee size can cover your bald spot well. You can seek professional advice from your hairdresser, toupee seller or maker. You also should consider the hair color to make sure there is no difference between your hair and toupee.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? - Hope vs. Reality
hair toupee before and after

The type of base plays an important role in choosing hair toupee as well. Perhaps it is the most difficult choice in picking the best hairpiece for yourself. To choose the right base, you should consider the natural look and its durability. In case you want a base that is undetectable and natural-looking, lace hair base can be one of the best options. On the other hand, you can pick up a conventional hair base system if you seek for the long-lasting lifespan and durability. If you’re looking for a base that is durable enough and can last for a really long time, a conventional hair base system seems to be a smarter decision for you.

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Where to buy Hair Toupee?

This question should be taken into account carefully because it will affect directly to the end result. If you are seeking a trustworthy place to buy high-quality hair toupee, Lewigs will be the answer. We have many loyal clients from every country all around the world because we just sell high-quality human hairpieces.

All of our hair extensions are made by hair collected from Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair. The hair is super durable and ideal in the look. Hence, if you want a suitable hair toupee, Lewigs is a wise choice.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Cure Discovered Yet? - Hope vs. Reality
toupee hairpieces at Lewigs

We guarantee that all of the high-quality mens’ wigs we provide to you are high-quality. And we sell them at the most reasonable price, which you can find nowhere provides you with both excellent hairpiece and ideal price like us.

Once you have any questions or suggestions, Lewigs’ professional customer service team will online 24/7 to consult you. Just let us know, you will receive the most sufficient answers in the shortest time.

Our conclusion

Among many ways to treat hair loss, hair toupees can be the most effective ways. This male pattern baldness cure won’t do harm to your hair, it has a long-term effect as well and costs cheaper than other treatments. Once you apply, the result will show immediately.

If you want to know more about hair toupee for man leave us a message. We try best to give you fulfilled your questions.

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