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How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practical Tips To Apply

How to stimulate hair growth?

Were you born with a beautiful head of hair? Or is it because of your hair care routine? There are two types of people in the world, indeed. The first has excellent natural curls without trying. How lucky they are! The second is not that fortunate. They have done their best to figure out how to grow hair faster and improve their look. To help you transform your hair to the better or best version more quickly, we have rounded up some of the most fantastic ways below.

Thinning hair, hair loss, and baldness

Before we get to the main point, let’s have a quick look at the hair issues. They, to some point, ask you for your time and effort. 

Your hair grows just about anywhere on your skin, excluding your hands’ palms and your feet’s soles. It has keratin construction. This protein is generable in the follicles that create new cells of the hair. That is why the old cells are removable through the skin’s surface (around five inches yearly). On average, there are 100,000 strands or so on the adult head. And they lose roughly 100 each day. So, finding some curls on the floor and your brush does not necessarily scare you. As you age, the speed to regrow hair becomes slower.

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
hair loss in women

Hair loss comes in many types. For example, by involutional alopecia, we mean your hair gets naturally and slowly thinner with age. Androgenic alopecia refers to the condition related to genetics among both genders. Men may experience male pattern baldness in your 20s or teens. For women, their female pattern baldness becomes noticeable in their 40s and the like. 

Another condition is alopecia areata that usually begins suddenly. It would result in patchy hair loss. In the end, you may suffer from complete baldness. Do not worry too much! Your hair will return in the next few years. Thus, you need to have an idea of what types of hair loss you are suffering for particular treatments. Our recommendations in part 2 are general proven ones that can apply in most of the cases. 

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
baldness in men

Why should you care about your hair problems and stimulate hair growth? You know, hair is part of your appearance. Of course, the inside beauty is as significant as the outside. But, to tell you the truth, the first impression is, most of the time, your look. You do not have to be incredibly beautiful. You at least should take care of it, though. It is one of the ways you love yourself. Who does not want to be more confident? Who does not want to be prettier? Then, do not waste time but care more about your curls!

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How to grow hair faster

We will not beat around the bush but be straight to the point right below. Let’s dícover the way!

Trim your hair regularly 

As counterintuitive as it sounds, your hair needs some trims if you want it to grow faster and longer eventually. They indeed eliminate split ends that can break the strands. Getting rid of the breakage will provide you with the look that your curls have better growth. Not to mention, split ends which break are likely to cause hair loss aside from smoothness and shine. 

Bear in mind that trim it and call it done. Do not dye your hair blonde frequently. On the one hand, it looks chic, for sure. On the other hand, bleach can probably damage your hair’s cuticle. It will lead to more split ends or breakage. For best results, avoid chemical treatments as much as you can. 

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
trim your hair regularly to make hair grow faster

Make your hair grow faster naturally by applying natural oils

The curls and scalp will become healthier with them. You may want to do so before you sleep. Begin at your scalp. Distribute the oils on the hair using a bristle brush to enhance their moisture, boost circulation. 

Consume the proper foods

To get hair to grow faster, you should not just use the right products, including home remedies, but take the right drinks and foods. In other words, let your hair be healthier from within. For instance, take in more protein like nuts, whole grains, and fish. Are you a vegetarian? If you are, you still need to get enough of it in your diet in some way. 

Also, consider vitamins such as E, C, and A apart from minerals, say, omega 3, iron, and zinc. You can rely on a multivitamin for the skin, hair, and nails. They include active vitamins like B, C, and biotin. In general, supplements are necessary for the health of your locks.

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
consume proper foods

Stay away from thermal styling tools to make hair grow faster and thicker

Do not style the curls excessively. It is not advice but a warning! It does more harm than good. In the must-have cases, you should reduce the temperature. Also, apply a heat protectant beforehand. That way, you will not potentially ruin your hair, resulting in frizz and breakage.

Do not use shampoo daily

How to grow hair faster in a month or in a week? It depends on many factors, including the hair care items you use. For example, overusing shampoos will make your hair drier, oilier and weaker. Advisably, you wash the curls with them two times or three per week. Doing so enables your natural oils to go deeper into your locks. They will eventually hydrate, moisturize as well as repairing themselves. 

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
washing hair too frequently might cause hair to shed

What is more, we suggest you rinse your hair in the final step using cool water. It will be useful for sealing your cuticle and making the hair stronger. 

Also, be sure you do not brush your wet hair. That is when the locks are particularly vulnerable to breakage. That said, if you must deal with a couple of knots after shampooing, you should use a hair-friendly brush. 

Consider taking minoxidil

This active ingredient has got FDA approval. Reportedly, it is good at putting an end to hair loss. You can also use it to grow out your hair. Keep in mind that it is the case if you use it continuously following the instructions. Finasteride, spironolactone, hair transplantation, corticosteroids, drithocreme, diphencyprone, and laser comb devices are other options.

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How to get curly African American hair to grow faster and longer

In this case, how to grow hair faster? Try to better your maintenance routine. That way can make a massive difference in the length and health of the curls. 

Rely on pre-shampoos

They are famous as a kind of conditioning treatment. You would distribute them on hair before you shampoo your hair. It has enough thickness. Hence, it will create a coat over your locks. By doing so, your hair will stay away from being overly dry and breaking. Not all, it produces a highly protective layer so that harmful ingredients from the shampoo will not damage your strands. Let alone, your hair will give a smooth and soft feel after you shampoo it.

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
apply a pre-shampoo on curly hair

You can DIY a pre-shampoo to grow your hair. For example, mix an organic oil with a protein-based conditioner. 

Choose your shampoo wisely

Technically, black men and women have relatively brittle hair. It can suffer from damages with ease. Shampoos in the current market tend to be brutal as a consequence of harmful ingredients. They are not suitable for any hair type; African American one is not an exception. That is why you should pay enough attention to which shampoo you will use.

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
use proper shampoo for curly hair

As a general rule, go with the ones free from the sulfate. It is notorious for drying out your hair. Furthermore, count on those whose ingredients contain organic oils. They are fantastic for protecting your curls from dryness. Your hair will become softer. Some examples of oils are argan and jojoba oil. It will be best if they are one main ingredient. They are nourishing and boosting shine. You will be able to grow long hair in the end. 

Condition your hair after each wash

Another way to grow my hair faster? Though you prevent dryness before washing by using pre-shampoos, shampooing the strands will still remove some natural oils. It will be likely to cause specific breakage. So, do not forget to use a conditioner. This product helps regain oils and give enough hydration and moisture to your curls. It is nourishing, as well. Shop for an item for black male/ female hair or dry hair.

How To Grow Hair Faster? 11 Practicle Tips To Apply
deep condition hair to make it grow faster

Grow hair fast with deep conditioners once per week

To make black hair increase its length more quickly, you should condition it deeply apart from using regular conditioners. The regular one has a lighter texture. It is excellent for use after you wash the hair. It will just touch the strands’ surface. Meanwhile, a deeper one will penetrate deeply into your locks. 

Give it necessary moisture 

How to grow hair faster? The key is to moisturize it. You can buy such a product at stores. Also, drink enough water. Do so daily for sufficient hydration. Some recommendations for ingredients are grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

How to cover thinning hair while waiting for hair to regrow?

Hair cannot grow fast up to inches in just some days. Waiting for weeks or even months is what you should expect. So, how to deal with your thinning hairline or bald spot when the hair is growing? Use human hairpieces to cover it. 

Cracking The Secrets Of Vietnamese Long Hair In Few Minutes
hair pieces at Lewigs

Human hair systems for men and women come under the name toupee and topper respectively. Measure the area you want to cover and record the size. Then shop online to see if there is any item that fits you. In case there isn’t, ask for a customized hairpiece instead. 

Be meticulous when choosing the system as it would affect your appearance enormously. 

If you are thinking about where to buy hairpieces, then Lewigs would be a great option to consider. 

We have top-notch human hair toupees and toppers that are delicately made by experienced staff. They could cover your bald head effectively and bring along a voluminous hair look! 

The bottom lines

Lewigs hope that our sharings above have provided you with the easy tips on how to grow hair faster. These are all easy to perform, so do not hesitate to try! 

If you have any further questions regarding hair growth tips, feel free to comment below or contact us directly. We would get back to you as soon as possible. 

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