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6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020

These styles will be huge this year!

A simple braid hairstyle will bring you a cute appearance. Therefore, braids for natural hair are always the best choice of people when going out. Check out the most popular simple braid hairstyles for natural hair 2020 below to change the look to catch the trend.

Herringbone hair braids

Herringbone hair braids are known as the beautiful hairstyle derived from France. Therefore, it is a very popular hairstyle. Furthermore, the way to perform herringbone hairstyle is quite simple with tools such as combs, hair sprays, ties that you can own a cute hairstyle. So, many people want to own the hairstyle one time.

6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020
Herringbone hair braids

First, you can brush your hair neatly and smoothly, spray conditioner to soften hair. Then take 2 parts of hair above the top of the head with a moderate amount of hair. You can take a part of the next side of the hair horizontally to the left on the top of the head next to the part of the extracted hair to the right. Try adjusting your hands to keep your hair free of tangles or tangles.

Next, you repeat steps 4 and 5 alternating left to right to plait all the hair to the desired length. Then you have to use elastic to hold your braid. After that, you gently pull the hair together with your hand to give it a natural look so that it becomes fluffy. For more momentum, you can use the clip with funny colors to decorate your hair more outstanding.

Other inspirations:

Braid hairstyle for party

When talking about the best hairstyle for enjoying a party, braids for natural hair is the must-choice hairstyle. When going to a party for girls who need a little feminine momentum to attract attention, the hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd. You can refer to the hairstyles braids party below to increase the elegant elegance for themselves.

To do the party hairstyle, you divide the hair into 3 buns in which the rear bun is bigger and tied back. Next, roll up the round ball and then round it again. Then you twisted the braid and pulled back and pulled a piece of hair exposed. You need to inflate the hair layer then pull the braided hair evenly. You can add decorative accessories to make your look cuter and more beautiful.

6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020
Braid hairstyle for party

Braid hairstyle for wedding

Braiding hairstyles for natural hair is always choose by the bride at her wedding. The hairstyle will make the bride look more beautiful, younger and standing out at her wedding. Recently, there are a lot of types of braiding hairstyles for weddings with different technic and the way to braid. Some styles you can choose, such as luxurious bun, gentle hair will help you look beautifully radiant.

Braid a part of your hair is indispensable in the collection which brings a lovely gentle. This hairstyle is braided on one side of the head, along with accessories that make the bride shimmering like a princess. The way to braid the hairstyle is quite easy and fast, so it is always chosen in your wedding party. You don’t forget to combine with decorative accessories to ensure you will become the most gorgeous on the big day.

6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020
Braided bun for wedding

Besides that, you can also refer to braid- bun hairstyle which is a variant style of braids for natural hair transition. The hairstyle is the harmonious combination of hairstyles with high buns brings a noble beauty to the bride. To do this, you need braids in two bangs or small braids in the back. Then the rest of the hair is pulled back into a bun and then twisted using a braid around it and pinned with a toothpick.

Braid the bangs

You can make your hairstyle more unique and new when braiding your bangs instead of your natural hair as normal. Furthermore, the hairstyle does not need you to be clever to do it. Some of these ways will save a girl in case of ideas. Moreover, the hairstyle that accentuates your hair. This hairstyle when you will always believe and fresh. To attract more you need the support of accessories to avoid the monotony.

Braid two sides

6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020
two side braids

Although braiding your hair in 2 sides is considered as “out-date” hairstyle, the creation of variations of this hairstyle has gradually fit the modern trend. This braided hairstyle is loosely tied to create a feminine flair whether you own short or long hair. The hairstyle also has an extremely beautiful and cute appearance suitable for walking the streets, school or travel. You are free to mix fashion, hats or scarves to become more stylish.

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Braided heart-shaped hair

Braided heart-shaped hair is a hairstyle that requires ingenuity so you can turn your hair with a fancy and impressive image. To do this, follow the instructions below:

– Divide the middle to get a small lock of hair on the top of the head, and divide it into 3 parts. Then, start the traditional style then add the hair into the braids as shown. Pay attention to take the smaller hair plaiting the more your hand more beautiful hair there

6 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair To Try In 2020
Braided heart-shaped hair

– Take a turn to continue braiding hair to form a heart and then let the ends of the hair flutter softly like a waterfall. You should let the hair have a certain elasticity and do the same with the rest. After finishing you take the lock of hair in the middle of the head divided into 3 and then start the traditional braid.

– Using fixed pins, you will have an impressive waterfall-shaped hair. To create impressive accents, you should adorn with small haircuts more attractive.

Braids for natural hair are amazing and wonderful hairstyles for girls. Lewigs hope that after the post, you will know more about the hairstyle. If you need more useful and interesting things about hair or hairstyle, you don’t forget to visit our website to read attractive posts.

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