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How To Dye Hair Grey From Dark Brown: 6 Smart Ways!

A lot of people will tell you that you will have to use bleach if you desire to dye your dark brown hair grey. It is indeed, not correct. The most crucial concern in keeping your hair color and making your locks healthy enough is moisture.

Bleaching your curls can take away the strand follicle of moisture. You know, it is the significant reason why people wish to learn how to dye hair grey from dark brown without bleach. Some also rely on a hair topper or so to minimize the hair contact with chemicals. In this post, we will talk about the first option.

Are you wondering if it works? For sure, it is. Otherwise, we will not list here. Just keep reading, and you will be able to discover some natural ways for bleaching hair.

Silver hair coloring

6 Smart Ideas To Dye Hair Grey From Dark Brown
silver hair dye

Many silver hair coloring products are available in the current market. We recommend you find an ammonia-free item with the vegan hair shade.

As you use a silver hair dye without bleaching the hair, the color can be long-lasting for as many as four weeks. Remember, it has to do with the frequency that you wash your locks.

Do you have blonde, light brown hair? Or is your hair dark brown? Then, this type of dye can work to bring you the grey look.

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Make use of chamomile tea

By chamomile tea, you may think of a kind of drink that helps you calm down as well as decreasing stress. But, there is indeed more to it.

This tea has chemicals as well that can help you dye hair from dark brown to grey. With it, you can attain the lighter tone by three hues or so with only chamomile tea.

The process:

– Soak five tea bags in two hot water cups. Let it be until the water cools

– Follow with placing tea in one container. Rinse your hair. Next, pour that tea over your damp head of hair. Else, soaking it into tea is okay

– Let hair air-dry

– Do practice every few days. Stop when you achieve the color you want.

6 Smart Ideas To Dye Hair Grey From Dark Brown
chamomile tea vs honey

How to dye hair grey from dark brown with honey 

It is another useful ingredient that you can find easily. Use it to dye your curls. A potent natural moisturizer, it helps avoid hair damage to the hair. Above all, it will keep the hair healthy. Not all, honey delivers a decent lightening impact on hair. 


– Blend two distilled vinegar cups, an olive oil tablespoon, a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, and one cup of honey

– Rinse your locks. Next, put the combination on your damp hair. Apply it evenly using a brush

– Wear a shower cap. Let the blend stay overnight. Wash your hair the next morning

Note that this way asks for several repeated sessions. A general rule of thumb is, coloring your hair in the DIY approach, and without the use of bleach will take time.

Lemon juice

How to dye my hair grey from dark brown at home? Lemon juice is well-known as one of the most effective natural bleaching agents out there. The credit all goes to the citric acid included in this fruit. As one weak oxidizing agent, it helps decrease melanin in your hair.

The process:

– Squeeze several lemons. Overall, if you have a long head of hair, you will need two lemon juice cups

– Blend lemon juice (2) with water (1). In other words, the ratio is two lemon juice cups to one water cup.

6 Smart Ideas To Dye Hair Grey From Dark Brown
dye hair grey with lemon juice

– Pour the blend in a spray bottle. Mix it by shaking. Put it on your hair. And spread it evenly with a comb. Another tip is, if you expect highlights, put lemon juice only in particular sections

– After your locks are sprayed, stay in the sun for a few hours. As absurd as it sounds, waiting outside with this juice in your hair is the price you should pay for not resorting to a bleaching agent. What if it is not sunny outside? A blow dryer can have the job done. Set it the highest level though

– Do the routine as often as necessary. That being said, avoid using daily. It will make your hair dry. Also, you should keep moisture on your strands with a deep conditioning treatment.

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Natural wax hair color cream

These practical and harmful chemical-free hair wax color creams do not ask for bleach. What is more? They do not consist of any additives. Opening the jar as well as placing the wax hair color on your curls is all you need to do with the product.

They are widely available in various colors. Fantastic for a quick hair shade fix. Still, note that they are not permanent. After you wash off, the hue of the locks will be gone.

Hair lift dye to turn dark brown hair to grey

How to dye hair grey from dark brown with it? Hair lift dye is famous as one of the best alternative methods of lightening your hair. It does work if you have at least light brown hair. What if you have darker curls? You should use bleach before.

6 Smart Ideas To Dye Hair Grey From Dark Brown
hair lift dye


– Combine developer (2) and hair color (1) in a bowl

– Wear gloves

– Section your hair into four ones. Use clips to put up three of them

– Use one dye brush to place the blend on the loose section. Run the color all over your hair using your hands

– Let the hair color be for one hour

– Shampoo and condition afterward

Think that you know how to dye hair grey from dark brown now?

Have you attained the hair color you want? How to dye hair grey from dark brown? With the methods mentioned above, you can keep your locks grey for a long while. Good luck trying!

If you have any related inquiries, please do not hesitate to comment below. In addition, remember to share the post with those who may be genuinely concerned about if it is useful to you. Thank you!

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