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How To Put On Wig Cap?

With or without a wig cap?

Are you new to installing hairpieces? Then, the chances are that you wonder how to put on a wig cap. Even if you wear the hair unit regularly, you may not be sure whether or not the base is suitable for you. Do not worry! In this post, we will point out its definition. Then, we are specific about the application method. Also, you will have an idea of whether you can put a human hair wig on without the cap. 

What is a wig cap?

It is the wig’s base material and assembles your head’s shape. In other words, it looks like a baseball hat. Do you need the foundation when doing a face makeup for a smooth, glowing effect for your complexion? The caps are just about the same as they can complement your hair look. The locks are attachable to them.

Benefits of wearing a cap

Some people with long hair, medium hair or short hair find the cap to be beneficial. Understandably, it works as a barrier that protects your scalp. 

Wig caps protect your scalp

Do you have complete hair loss? If so, you may be in love with the wig caps. They are likely protective of sensitive scalps. In case you do not know, the skin covering the head can get irritating when you install a hair replacement system directly without the base material. To stay away from that issue, you may want to have the cap on for more comfort.

It helps secure your wig

Not all, when you put a hair unit on your bare scalp, there are possibilities that it slips. That is why learning how to put on a wig cap does help. The cap will keep your wig secure. Mainly, it offers a friction layer against your hairpiece. It is hence notably advantageous to those with total hair loss. In some cases, people feel more confident because they can be sure that their wig will remain in place.

The Best Strategies On How To Put On A Wig Cap | Guide From The Pros
a wig cap

What is more, they can be a cup of tea among the wearers with no or partial loss of hair. They are probably a fantastic method of securing hair under the wigs. Also, they are capable of smoothing out unexpected bumps from your bio hair. Your hair unit will then sit far better on your head. They will increase the naturalness of your appearance as a result.

What is a cap made from?

For the materials that make the cap, nylon is among the most common ones. Is your head slippery? Or does the same goes for your hair? If yes, this fiber is possibly your favorite. It provides your hair system with something to be graspable and make sure it does not slide.

A mesh wig cap makes your scalp breathable throughout the wear. It does help when you wear the wig for an extended time. Not all, this construction works excellently to keep your real hair in place.

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The caps possibly feature a range of fabrics – for example, cotton. Do you have partial hair loss? Or do you luckily not have hair thinning? Then, you should be careful with this material. It absorbs well. So, the cap is likely to take the beneficial moisture out of the bio hair. Your strands will get pretty dry as a consequence. Not to mention, cotton is notorious for its abrasiveness. It can hurt the real hair.

How to put on a wig cap?

It will secure on your head effectively when you install it properly.

Style your natural hair under the cap

Step 1: For the hair to be hideable underneath, you should apply an appropriate amount of gel throughout it. Is your hair short? Or do you have plenty of baby hairs? There are times when small strands make you look more beautiful. But, in this case, they should stay in place. 

Pro tips: Pull the gel evenly down the strands with your fingers or a comb. You can put more of the product to the areas with significant flyaways. An alternative to gels is wetting your hair. Be sure you do not let the strands be dripping.

The Best Strategies On How To Put On A Wig Cap | Guide From The Pros
braid your real hair before wearing a wig cap

Step 2: Before you put a wig cap on, wear the bio hair in braids for its non- noticeability. This tight style will be flat against the skin covering the head. 

Pro tips: You can rely on small bands to secure the braids. Also, do you have difficulty sectioning the hair? Then, you can spray a detangling product on the strands, which makes braiding simpler.

For another tip, if your hair is long, you can bundle two braids over the head. If you have thick hair, you may love to section the hair more before you braid it. For instance, create four braids. 

Put the wig cap on

Step 1: In case your skin is sensitive, spritz a scalp protective product onto the head. The cap saves your scalp. Still, it can cause an itch. To avoid any possible irritation, spray it around the head. Next, allow it to dry. 

Pro tip: You can purchase the protector online or from a store that supplies beauty products.

Step 2: Make the cap in line with your hairline. That way ensures the base material gives complete coverage of your bio hair. Position the cap’s edge so that it stays on the forehead’s hairline.

The Best Strategies On How To Put On A Wig Cap | Guide From The Pros
put the cap on your head

Pro tips: Select a cap which is a mix and match with your complexion tone or natural hair. Plus, if your hairline is not even, you can put the cap’s edge along its lowest part. If the base has a frontal lace closure, you should line up its front about half an inch back from the side of the hair. 

Step 3: Pull the cap over the head’s back to your neck’s nape. From this step, things become much more manageable.

Step 4: Push the cap’s sides behind the ears. 

Step 5: Add the pins over the edges for more security. 

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Can you wear a wig without a wig cap?

Some people find the combo of cap and wig to produce uncomfortable heat. Some also say that the fabric is sometimes probably reacting with their skin. It then makes their scalp more sweaty. In some cases, the caps give some restrictions and cause headaches when worn longer.

The Best Strategies On How To Put On A Wig Cap | Guide From The Pros
it’s possible to wear a wig without a cap

So, whether you wear it or not depends on your personal preference. If you wish, master the art of how to put on a wig cap. Otherwise, be sure you make your bio hair unnoticeable under the wig.

But of course, it will be more difficult to hide all your real hair without a cap as it would be easy to fall out.

The bottom lines

If you are newbies to the world of wigs, how to put on a wig cap is an essential skill to master. Whether your wig looks natural and undetectable depends largely on how you prepare your hair and wear it on.

For any further questions, reach Lewigs to get the answers. Also, take a look at our website for a wide variety of human hair wigs and toppers to choose from.

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