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Do Women Like Bald Men? – It Really Matters!

Do women like bald men? One of the biggest concern of male who goes bald often ask is whether women would you date a bald guy or not. These men are often curious about “What do women think of bald men?” and “Do women find bald men attractive?”

There are some guys assuming that men with thin hairline still can attract women as those who full of hair, conversely, many others think that it does matter a lot if a man starts to go bald.

To unfold the questions of many males out there, today Lewigs is going to provide you a special article based on the results of various surveys about the women’s attitude towards a bald man.

How does a bald man feel?

Have you ever tried to accept something that you do not want or expect, or simply you are so confused and unsure whether it will be good for you or not? If you have experienced that, you can understand the feel of a bald man who has to shave his head or start to lose his hair.

Men are often easily aware of that their hair is getting thinner or recede. The reason is that they think baldness is a sign of aging and they are gradually losing their appeal to women. So, men often try to find as many solutions as possible and shaving their heads is one of them.

Do Women Like Bald Men? - It Really Matters!
bald men

A man who is going bald often feels insecure about it. He may often ask do women like bald men? or do bald guys have a chance to date or marry a woman?  He will try to find out both the good sides and bad sides of balding, and after that, make a decision about whether to shave his head or not? and how to shave? Should he use toupee or topper or start to regrow his hair?

The truth is whether your head bald or your head is full of hair, each has its own appeal. And if you are want to find a proper solution for your hair loss, refer to the “Do women like bald men survey” below.

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Do women find bald men attractive?

The Experiment

The experiment was done by creating 2 profiles of the same man with the same bio, the same photo.

However, one profile was balding whereas another had full hair. The original profile picture is of a bald man, then it was photoshopped for that man to have a head of full hair. The picture was changed the hairline only, other variables of the profiles are kept constant.

Then two profiles were set up in a dating site with the setting to approach women aged 18-30 within the distance of 15 miles.

Each profile was set in 10 different cities to avoid confusion of women since the bio and profile picture are the same except the hairline. And each one had 24 hours in each city to collect as many matches as possible before moving to the next one. Each match would last 7 days to see the women’s attitude in every single conversation.

The result

The result was collected by counting the number of possible matches, the cases women opened the conversation and the cases women responded to the conversion started by men.

Balding ProfileFull Head of Hair Profile
Matches147 (1.47%)243 (2.43%)
Girls Opening20 (14%)22 (9%)
Girls Opened127 (86%)221 (91%)
Girls Responding70 (55%)110 (50%)


It can be seen obviously that the number of matches, talks opened by girls, and responses toward men with the full head of hair overweight the balding one.

So, we conclude that women do find men with a head full of hair more appealing than the balding ones. But this conclusion is not true for every case on dating sites for bald men.

Do Women Like Bald Men? - It Really Matters!
women prefer men with a full head of hair

So, why is this?

There may be a theory that men with head of full hair are a signal for a range of properties that make every woman feel attracted to men.

According to a survey of 1000 women participating in guessing age.

As a result, the average age for balding men is 32.6 while the average age of men with full hair is 30.7.

Although there is a difference, it is not significant and does not affect the results of the survey on dating sites.

However, there is a point more noticeable that the proportion of women who started a conversation and responded to a conversation initiated by man is more inclined to bald men. The reason for this may be because women feel safer when talking to bald men, or in other words, they may feel they are more seduced by men with a head full of hair.

And the women who started their conversation with the bald man probably perhaps they wanted to find themselves a truly serious relationship.

What do women think of bald men?

Do Women Like Bald Men? - It Really Matters!
other girls might feel interested in bald men also

Another survey about the attitude of women towards bald guys was carried out by collecting the answers from hundreds of women of different ages.

You might make a guess that most women had negative answers? Be optimistic and don’t hurry up to close this article. Keep reading to find out a lot of cheerful and marveling answers!

The percentage for positive answers and negative answers

– Negative answers: 12.5%

– Positive answers: 87.5%

You can see that the overwhelming majority of women joined the survey offered positive answers.

“Would you date a bald guy?”

Many users from Quora answers this question with a positive attitude, they mentioned that baldness is not a considerable hindrance to that.

“I’m already married, so I’ll answer this theoretically.

Sure, why not?

I’m fairly young, and I would date guys in their 20s and 30s, but if there was a guy that age that was already starting to go bald, I wouldn’t really hold it against him. A lot of men go bald. It’s quite common. My dad is very bald, and he is a great husband to my mom, and a great father to me.”

Do Women Like Bald Men? - It Really Matters!
wearing a toupee is a quick way to gain full and attractive head of hair

“Absolutely. This is a non-issue to me.

I would date a bald man if he didn’t try to cling to his remaining hair desperately, acting like it was his last vestiges of remaining youth.

Just shave your head and have it done with. Or at least crop your hair very short. I love that.”

“I am dating a bald (well, balding) man. My boyfriend has a considerable bald area on the top and front of his head, and do you know what? I think he’s monumentally sexy.”

So, would you date a bald guy?

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Final thought

Do women like bald men?

We would like to advise all the men who are losing their hair, not all women just love the appearance of a man. The only thing balding men need is to be confident. And if you lose confidence when going bald, you can find ways to regrow hair or use hairpieces like topper or toupee (visit Lewigs site if you consider the last solution).

If you have any questions or wonders, contact us now!

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