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How To Part Your Hair Men – The Detailed Guide

Many may wonder how to part your hair men to get a full and thick look. One of the common questions asked is, “Which side should comb? Left or right?”, and the answer are various, depending on those being asked because each person has a different viewpoint. The easiest way to properly part your hair is to brush it according to its natural separation direction.

However, some experts have a different perspective on how to part hair men. They think that your perception of the hairstyle or the side of your hair that you often comb may affect the way you part your hair.

Instead of giving you the obvious answer on “what side do men part their hair? ” such as “part left” or “part right” or even “part from the middle”, today Lewigs will share with you some ways to comb your hair to suit your desired hairstyles.

How To Part Your Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
different hair parting lines

First, we will ignore everything that every man knows, like how to locate the natural hair separation and then how you hold the crown beside combing your hair. Next, we will give you a deeper insight into why having parting hair on one side over the other regardless of how the hair grow. We hope that we can finally solve the long-standing debate about where should you part your hair men.

If you are considering which side is ideal for you to part accordingly, check it out below.

Identify Your Natural Part

For those who do not to waste much time on thinking which way to comb hair, it is way better to part hair on the side which already divide. To figure out how to part your hair men, you can carry out one of a few following methods.

The first method

Damp your hair. Leave it for 5 to 7 seconds then identify the natural separation and part your hair over it. If your natural separation is more on the right than the left, simply comb your hair over on the right and vice versa. In case it is equally divided on both sides, you can choose any side you want to comb your hair since you have two natural parts

How To Part Your Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
identify your natural hair part

The second method

If the first one does not work on you, let’s employ this one. This method is to locate your cowlick (the outward spiral) at the crown of your head. The direction in which your hair grows involves the direction of the spiral cowlick. In other words, in case the spirals develop in the clockwise direction, you should part your hair on the left and vice versa. If you own 2 cowlicks, you can part your hair in any way you desire since you have the center part hair men.

Other tips:

Creating the Part

Forming a part is an easy step once you have known which side part hair men. And the rule here is while parting your hair from the top toward each side, hold the crown against your combing direction for a perfect line. Moreover, you can use some hair products when separates your hair to keep it neat and tight. This tip somehow can help you in forming your hair part.

Side Part Style

In case, you have the natural separation on the right àd you follow the general rule of combing hair but the result is not what you desired. You may see your reflection on the mirror and feel the right part is not a perfect choice and you try the left one and you think it more suitable. That can absolutely happen though.

How To Part Your Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
divide the hair part men

The first thing you have in mind is the question: whether the rules for part hair men are not right. The rule absolute can be incorrect since now people apply pretty much hair products on their hair and the structure of hair might be changed. And as we mentioned, some experts stated that the way you percieved your hair affects which way to part hair men.

Most of the time, the left side for parting is preferred by men, since it shows muscular biases like assertiveness. There are many proofs for you to refer such as Don Draper or Clark Kent in the original Superman films. On the contrary, the right side for parting is supposed to be involved with female stuff such as thoughtfulness and sensitivity. But this perspective is just correlative

Common FAQs about how to part your hair men

In common, what side do men part their hair?

Most men prefer to part their hair on the left side part than the right one, although both sides, left or right, are popular for males.

Where is the best side to comb your hair in case you have a cowlick?

Just simply follow the natural separation as we mentioned, spirals develop in the clockwise direction, part your hair on the left and vice versa. Then, flick your hair across the top

How To Part Your Hair Men - The Detailed Guide
men’s side part style

How can I figure out my natural hair part?

You can determine your natural hair part by spotting your forehead. Most hairlines have their parting direction sign at the forehead, which you can comb backward from that.

How to part hair men for an asymmetrical face?

A men hair part more closed to the center beside the hair combing in the opposite direction is perfectly fitted an asymmetrical face.

How do I create a part of my hair?

Using a comb, work the side from the front to the back across the scalp wherever you would love to create the part.

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The bottom line

In short, parting hair plays a role in styling your hair so knowing how to part your hair men can somehow help you complete your look. We hope that after this article, you can determine your hair separation and forming a suitable hair part.

In case you have some problem with your hairlines, caused by hair loss or baldness, you can use some hair replacement treatment such as hair toupees or toppers for a better look. You can find these products on Lewigs website.

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