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Postpartum Hair Loss: What Everyone Hasn’t Been Told About

Being a mother is happy but never an easy task. While pregnant, women have to face many problems such as tiredness, nausea, etc. After giving birth, mothers can experience some annoying issues that make them lose their confidence like postpartum hair loss. Today, on Lewigs blog, we would like to share with you the information related to postpartum hair loss and the solutions for you to get rid of it.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

Postpartum hair loss starts after giving birth, often after two to four months. The longer your hair is, the more hair you lose. Are you afraid of postpartum hair loss? Do not worry! It is a normal problem. It affects about 40-50% of mothers. If you are wondering how long does postpartum hair loss last? Postpartum hair loss might stop after six months after childbirth. However, for some mothers, this situation can last one year.

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Everyone Hasn't Been Told About
postpartum hair loss

What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss?

The first reason for postpartum hair loss is the sudden change in the hormone, especially estrogen. When you are pregnant, the amount of estrogen can increase, resulting in thicker and fuller hair. You can see our hair grow faster than usual. However, after giving birth, your body has a lower estrogen level (the same as their pre-pregnancy levels). Then, your hair begins to fall out quickly.

One more cause of postpartum hair loss is stress. It is such a hard time for women to have new members in the family. Women can feel sad, cry with no reason, lack energy, and experience low-quality sleep. More seriously, they can get depression. These mental health issues can lead to severe hair loss during the postpartum period.

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Postpartum Hair Loss – Treatment

Calm Down And Be Patient

The most important thing you have to do is to calm down. Postpartum is not your problem only, and you can remove it. Some women become stressed after seeing too much hair fall out. Do not be like them. The more stressed you are, the more hair loss you will see. Moreover, stress can cause other health problems.

Besides, remember to be patient. Today you notice a large amount of hair loss, you cannot solve this problem tomorrow. Postpartum hair loss occurs due to a change in your body. Therefore, your body requires time to get back to a normal situation. After that, you can get rid of hair loss.

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Everyone Hasn't Been Told About
keep your stress in control

Keep Stress In Control

Stress is avoidable in our daily life, including during the postpartum period. Your life changes completely after childbirth. Many mothers report that they do not have time for themselves. Their daily routine is just around their babies and their hormones change, so they become stressed, even depressed. As a result, they will see regular hair loss. Moreover, they can suffer from excessive crying, hopelessness, positive thoughts, even suicide.

At that time, it is essential to keep stress in control. You have to arrange your time: not only for your babies but also for yourself. You can try to apply some techniques such as mindfulness, massages or meditation. Doing exercise is also an ideal choice to reduce stress. Just take gentle or moderate exercise because you are still weak after giving birth. You can ask your friends, your husband/boyfriend or your relatives to help you with the baby or housework. In case you feel that your situation becomes worse, go to see the doctor immediately to ask for advice. The doctor will have a suitable treatment process for your health. You have to remember that you are not lonely, and people around you are always willing to help you.

Have A Healthy Diet

Hair loss can be a symptom of malnutrition when the hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients for hair growth. A healthy diet not only restores your body after childbirth but also boosts your emotion quickly. Therefore, make sure that you have enough nutrients in your daily meals, especially vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Besides, you should drink enough water to avoid dehydration. You can also take some supplements like iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin C, etc. However, you have to ask the doctor to check your health before using to avoid side effects.

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Everyone Hasn't Been Told About
have a healthy diet

Take Care Of Your Hair

Why don’t you change your hair care routine a bit? Firstly, choose the suitable hair care products for your hair type. Wrong hair care products can damage your hair, resulting in hair loss. You can try products made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil, grapefruit, argan oil, etc. There are also some special hair care products for postpartum hair loss.

Secondly, reduce using hair styling tools because excessive heat can cause hair loss. Let your hair dry naturally. If you have to use a hairdryer, put the cool setting. You should also avoid coloring your hair at that time.

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Thirdly, massage your scalp regularly to improve the blood circulation on your scalp and promote new strong hair. It is very easy to do. You can massage your scalp with your fingers only, or with essential oils, if you want. Finally, if you have a lot of split ends, you can trim your hair to remove it. These small changes in hair care routine will help postpartum hair loss regrowth.

In case you need beautiful hair to participate in a special occasion but your hair is still thin, consider wearing a wig. You can find it on Lewigs website with human hair wig made from 100% Cambodian and Vietnamese human hair.

Postpartum Hair Loss: What Everyone Hasn't Been Told About
take good care of your hair

Final words

If you are suffering from postpartum hair loss, we hope that this article gives you interesting and useful information and you will get rid of hair loss quickly. However, in case you experience excessive hair loss postpartum for a long time, it is essential to see the doctor. Hair loss can be a symptom of health problems. Therefore, let the doctor check your health and give you some advice.

Even if your hair is back to normal and you have got strong and shiny hair, try to spend time taking care of it to maintain its beauty. Lewigs also provides hair care topics, so please visit our page. You can leave any questions or comments and we will answer as soon as possible. 

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