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What To Expect From Silk Base Full Lace Wig?

Many users say that the silk base wig is a noble of the hair systems. It is the combination of all wigs’ advantages and extra special material. So what is a silk base full lace wig? Why many wig wearers like this wig so much? Dive into our blog to find your own answer. 

About A Silk Base Full Lace Wig

The equal silk base full lace wig is the best high-quality hair system on the hair market now. Have you ever heard about it? This wig offers a natural look for all. It is made of a piece of silk fabric on the top front of the wig cap, and the rest areas are normal lace material. The knots are hidden under a layer of lace, so it is difficult to notice whether it is a wig.

What To Expect From Silk Base Full Lace Wig?
a silk base wig

When the strands are ventilated, the knots are invisible since the hair is injected in the lace and pulled through the silk material. It hence offers a realistic look as the silk mimics the real scalp without needing any alterations. 

Craftsmen say that there is no ventilating technique that creates a realistic look than hidden knots on a silk base lace front wig or full wig. You don’t have to bleach the knots, they are still invisible or less visible. You are experiencing thinning hair, investing in a silk top wig is the best solution. 

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Why Should You Choose Silk Top Full Lace Wig?

Silk top wig is the best as it is all tied by hand. Its quality will meet demands for high request. 100% hand-made gives the system some flexibility. They are usually multi-directional at the crown of the head, so you can part it anywhere you want. You can tie it in a high ponytail or other simple hairstyles.

What To Expect From Silk Base Full Lace Wig?
silk base full lace wigs offer ultra-realistic hairline

Silk base wig cap makes the hair most like our own skin especially when we part it. The hair looks like growing out of your skin. The hidden knots under a piece of material which gives an illusion of a realistic scalp. 

Don’t like full lace wig, the silk material on the crown gives an invisible hairline. You don’t have to go through a whole bunch of trouble of blending in and concealing or bleaching the knots. With silk base full lace wig virgin hair, you don’t have to pay money for extra processes such as bleaching the knots. 

Silk Base Wig Review

Go down in the Internet and search keywords “silk base full lace wig”, you can see tons of reviews about this wig. And most of them are five-star reviews. You can easily find a silk base wig from many familiar brands and hair vendors around the world. 

What To Expect From Silk Base Full Lace Wig?
silk base vs normal lace base

Many wearers love this wig because it is full and the parting space is amazing. The silk base wig cap matched their skin color perfectly so it does not need any extra work to look natural. What’s more, the wig cap is customizable, so you can get the best wig. You ask for the manufacturer to change the hair dense or color of the wig if you like.

Most of the hair vendors provide personalized custom made service for their hair items! Feel free to ask them and they will make your silk base wigs with high quality and the most eye-pleasing look. From the color to the length to the haircuts, you name it, and they make it.

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Where To Buy Good Silk Top Wigs?

In the 4.0 era, there are loads of ways to own a full lace silk base wig or silk base closure wig. Search on big websites such as human hair wigs Amazon, eBay, and so on. Buying online is the fastest way to get a hair wig without going out. But the problem is that there are too many hair vendors out there, and you do not know where sells real hair and what brand is the best.

What To Expect From Silk Base Full Lace Wig?
silk top wigs at Lewigs

Lewigs is not bad a choice. We use 100% unprocessed human hair to create the hair wigs. Gathered from Vietnam and Cambodia, the hair follicles are intact. The real hair strands can blend well with your natural tresses. The silk on the top front of the cap offers a more realistic look. Moreover, our Remy human hair is versatile. After getting it, you can restyle and color to get your desired look.

Wigs from Lewigs make you more confident when leaving your house. No need to worry about receding hairline or thinning hair. Now, every day is a good hair day. 

Many years of experience in this field, Lewigs commits that our silk base full lace wig is the best item for all. We are ready to support customers 24/7 services. Change your look and be more gorgeous with us.

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