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Double Drawn Hair Extension: 101 Things To Know About

Double drawn hair extension now is getting more and more popular since it will improve women’s beauty with its great hair volume. So if you are tired of your thinning hair or hair loss and you want to look for an immediate solution, double drawn hair will be a great choice. But what is it? What makes it different from single drawn hair? And where you can get one for yourself. Keep reading to check it out!

What is a double drawn hair extension?

Double drawn hair extension means that in a human hair bundle, the majority of shorter hairs will be removed by hand and then replaced with longer hairs. The hair ends will be cut equally by hand to make a full hair bundle with the same volume and length from top to end. 

This work will enhance the quality of hair extension as well as provide a thicker and more natural look.

Along with the better quality and volume, the price for it can be higher.

what is double drawn hair

Double drawn hair extensions’ features

Double drawn hair ends

Single drawn has thicker hair volume on the top and thinner at the ends. Meanwhile, the double drawn hair extension has the same length and volume from top to end. Therefore, the hair ends of double drawn hair wefts always look thicker.

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Double drawn hair quality

Thanks to its thickness, this kind of hair extensions is the best choice for those who look for a fuller and thicker look. 

Double drawn hair length

The workers cut the ends and pick out the shorter hair in a bubble. Therefore, the length of every hair strand in a double drawn hair extension will be quite the same. It consists of up to 70% same-length hair for the normal double drawn. With super double drawn hair, it would account for up to 90%.

Double Drawn Hair Extension: 101 Things To Know About
double drawn hair consists of 60-70% full-length hair

Double drawn hair collected resource

Hair bundle is always collected from many different hair donors and it cannot be made by a single one. This is because it requires a proper amount of hair to make a full look extension from top to ends.

Double drawn hair prices

The price of a double drawn hair extension is higher than a single drawn hair since it requires the worker to make it by hand.

Advantages and disadvantages of double drawn hair wefts

Advantages of double drawn hair extension

Double drawn hair will worth your choice if you are seeking a hair extension that is very thick right to the tip from the top.

Double drawn Remy hair extensions with equal lengths offer wear a very smooth and sleek look.

Also, double drawn Remy hair extension is long-lasting and durable if you take care and treat it properly, it is perfect for those want a long-term use.

Disadvantage of double drawn hair extension

Double drawn weft hair extensions cost you higher than the single drawn hair. This is because you will pay more money for more hair.

Double Drawn Hair Extension: 101 Things To Know About
single drawn vs double drawn hair extensions

How to take care of your double drawn virgin hair?

Comb with a wide-tooth comb

Since double drawn hair extension provide a thicker amount of hair so that if you want to detangle it without causing any damage or frizziness, a wide-tooth comb will a good choice. Remember to not brush your hair at the boundary between your hair and the hair extension. And to easily detangle your hair, apply oils beforehand.

Use oil or regularly

To smoothen and soften your hair, apply hair oil, serum or leave-in conditioner regularly. When applying it, we advise you to apply from the top to the end and do not apply it at the boundary between your hair and the hair extension. Use more amounts at the end to prevent split ends.

Remove your double drawn hair wefts properly when not used

If your double drawn hair extension is clip-in or weft hair at home, you can remove it any time. Remove it when you don’t use it to prolong its life span. If you use sew-in extensions, go to the salon and have a hair professional help you to take of our extension carefully to prevent damage to your own natural hair.

Wash your double drawn hair 

Wash and condition your extensions at a regular schedule can help to keep them stay longer without getting damaged. Remember to use cool and lukewarm water to wash it with a natural-based mild shampoo to get the best result. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer can reduce hair damage and breakage.

Double Drawn Hair Extension: 101 Things To Know About
double drawn human hair extensions at Lewigs

Where to buy double drawn hair extensions?

If you don’t know where to find a trusted and reliable double drawn hair extensions wholesale, Lewigs is glad to be your choice.

Our double drawn weft hair extensions are made with hair gathered from 100% Vietnam and Cambodia human hair. It is super durable, long-lasting, smooth, sleek and natural-looking. With virgin hair from our store, you can enjoy voluminous hair all day long without fear of being detected. Besides, our human hair products can be cleaned, styled and colored in the way you wish since it acts like your own natural hair. If you are not sure what look you are aiming at, our professional service teams are so glad to assist you to find the best double drawn hair extension. Moreover, you can definitely order a custom made human hair extension as you desired from us.

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All in all

You want to have full hair volume with great length as you wish, opt for double drawn hair extension. It not only help you to deal with your hair problems but also helps enhance your look. Instead of purchasing more single drawn hair, a smaller number of double drawn hair can help you deal with your hair issues. 

Hopefully, after this post, you will have a deeper insight into double drawn hair extensions, what it is and how it benefits you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a message! We’re happy to hear from you!

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