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Fake Hair For Men – Will You Ever Need It?

Or, do you think a hair toupee might help?

Fake hair for men, usually hair toupee, has been a popular choice for men getting problems with hair loss for a long time. Even when you are not dealing with them, preparing for your possible future is always recommended. So you ask, how to know that you will need fake hair for men? How terrible is the life of a man with baldness? What are the pros and cons of those products? 

All the information will be under the form of the answers to your possibly concerned question, so check it out. 

Hair Loss And Baldness In Men

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness, scientifically called androgenic alopecia, is one of the most common types of hair loss in men. Recent research has proved it by showing a surprisingly high ratio of middle-aged men being affected by it (50 percent). 

Fake Hair For Men - Will You Ever Need It?
male pattern baldness

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

The most common cause, unfortunately, is hereditary conditions. The male sex hormone mainly taking responsibility for it is androgens which have many functions. 

Male pattern baldness usually occurs in adult men, although it can begin when you are a teenager. If you have a family history of baldness, you will be at a higher risk.

The amount of lost hair varies a lot depending on each individual. In some cases, the hairline will not stop receding until you lose all your hair. 

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Which Impacts Does Baldness Bring About?

First of all, the most affected thing about you is your confidence. Baldness takes your confidence away, leaving a poor man with embarrassment and decreased personality levels.

Secondly, baldness in cold weather can make people more vulnerable and over-exposure, while in the sun, they will suffer more from sunburnt.

Last but not least, the nasty cuts caused by baldness sometimes give you some unwelcome attention when walking or working in public. 

Fake Hair For Men – Pros And Cons

Choosing fake hair for balding men is very hard since there are many types of products out there, each type comes with a bunch of companies. For this reason, we will help you by giving you the pros and cons of fake hair for men.

Hair Toupee Benefits

While a hair transplant is too expensive to medium/low-income people to gain the hair back, hair toupee is a much more affordable – It helps to hide your baldness; thus restoring your confidence. Let’s come closer to the benefits of this fake hair for men.

Fake Hair For Men - Will You Ever Need It?
fake hair for men

Natural Look And Comfort

Most men are afraid of the feeling of ‘fake hair’ on their heads. Do they look artificial? Coming to hair toupees, the answer is mostly ‘no’. Attached with special-purpose tape or glue, it will hold your hairpieces for a very long time, maybe up to months. Since the material is 100% of human hair, the natural look is definitely an advantage of this product. The most important thing is the comfort it brings about. You even can join in daily activities, even going swimming, with a hair toupee on your head. It’s such a blessing.


Some men do not use hair toupee just because male pattern baldness takes their confidence away. Fake hair for men is also in favor thanks to its flexibility. People sometimes only want to try out a hairstyle for a short time but it must look as naturally as possible. Curling, coloring, or even bleaching is not a problem with hair toupees. It’s not their bio hair, of course, so they don’t have to worry about hair damages. It’s made with human hair so the result will look exactly like the real one. Last but not least, you can come back to the previous hairstyle whenever you want. 


The reason that hair toupees can remain on men’s heads for months is not only comfortable feelings but also its safety. They are made with thin and breathable bases which are safe on even the most sensitive skin. No scalp irritation was founded in people wearing this product. 

In addition, wearing hair toupees can protect your real hair against harmful toxins from styling products.

Fake Hair For Men - Will You Ever Need It?
fake hair for men before and after

Hair Toupee Downsides

It’s enough for the benefits and it’s time for a few minor downsides of fake hair for men. 

High Maintenance Required

Things do not run that easy way. You cannot wait for a natural-looking, comfortable, and safe hair toupee without taking no care of it. More than that, it requires extremely high maintenance. You usually get detailed instructions when purchasing one, and you have to follow exactly to them to keep your product last longer. 

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Difficulties Of Wearing

When the first time wearing a hair toupee, it would take you some time and you may find it very hard. Moreover, you even need an experienced one to help you do this. Don’t worry, it will become easier the next time you do this.

Where To Buy The Best Fake Hair For Men?

Fake Hair For Men - Will You Ever Need It?
best fake hair for men at Lewigs

In an era of hair products, people may pay a lot of attention to the idea of choosing a company that provides high-quality ones. Hair toupees come in the same situation. Where to buy the best fake hair for men? If you cannot found the answer or not sure about it, we have a name for you: Lewigs. 

‘Wear your crown and shine’ – it’s the slogan of Lewigs. 

Lewigs is very well-known as one of ‘the most reliable hair replacement system ever found online’. You can find out a bunch of products there: not only hair toupees but also types of wigs and other accessories.

More than that, coming to Lewigs, you can get training courses in which you have chances to become professionals and receives working offers from the company. 

Wrapping Up, 

You should take time to consider fake hair for men as a good choice because of all the information we gave you. Of course, there are always better methods but this is the best we found that can be affordable to all people. 

You can also browse the website of Lewigs here to get updates on many new products. Any further questions? We are always here to get back to you in a timely manner. 

Have a nice day. 

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