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Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? – Do Like This!

To double your results.

Plant extracts have become increasingly popular for their health perks. And we have to mention tea tree oil. It is derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant’s leaves. It can help those with skin acne, infections, and other inflammatory ailments. Regarding the tea tree oil for hair, it helps clean your strands, keep the strong, decrease dandruff, hair lice, etc..

With many therapeutic properties, it may be the cure for your hair problems – say, hair loss. It is indeed found in many daily products like spray, shampoo.

Tea tree oil benefits for hair

What does this oil do for your hair? It can be useful for a variety of ailments – for example, thinning hair and dandruff.

You may find many severe chemicals in hair products these days. They can get rid of the critical nutrients from the follicle. If you rely on many of these items or dye the hair often, your curls may be at risk of falling out or the like.

Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? - Do Like This!
tea tree oil avoids the buildup of dead skin and chemicals on your strands

Instead, using a proper amount of diluted tea tree oil will be able to help avoid the buildup of dead skin and chemicals on your strands. It makes them have enough health and moisture. This way, they will grow normally and stay away from falling out.

Accumulation of dry skin on the scalp causes dandruff. If you do not treat it, the buildup can hinder your hair growth in the end. Shampoos, etc. with tea tree oil work to deliver not only antifungal but also antibacterial benefits. In other words, it will remove what causes your scalp’s dead skin.

Bear in mind that if you are going through an autoimmune condition, chemotherapy, suffering a genetic disposition to your hair thinning, or aging-related hair loss, tea tree oil for hair may not help.

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What the studies and reviews say

Many studies support using this oil for many hair advantages. It is right on scalp. It will remove unwanted hair, as well. Yet, the studies have not pointed out that it helps your strands grow faster. Instead, it tends to be useful for different hair conditions, which ultimately lets your hair grow appropriately and turn into being more healthy.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology’s Journal, researchers learned about how effective it is to use the shampoo with five percent of tea tree oil on over 120 participants. The research ran for four weeks. Satisfactorily enough, even five percent of this oil can lead to a whopping 41 percent enhancement in dandruff. Not all, the participants said that the product enhanced the scalp’s itchiness as well as greasiness. They also saw no adverse effects.

How to use tea tree oil for hair growth

It is suitable for different hair types. What is more, you can add a variety of ingredients to it for better results for hair regrowth. And one of the most fantastic ways is combining it with carrier oils.

Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? - Do Like This!
mix some drops of tea tree oil with the carrier oil

You need to dilute this essential oil before use. By mixing several drops of it with one of your favorite hair oils, you can generate a solution to boosting your scalp health. Tea tree oil has something to do with the growth of new hair, and the carrier oil works significantly to nourish the follicles. That way can benefit you to the max if you have an idea of what oils are suitable for your hair and how to use it. Wonder which one? No worries! The below information may help you.

Things you need to prepare:

– Ten tea tree oil drops

– Two tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil

– Hot towel

– Mixing bowl 

Uses of tea tree oil for hair

– Mix the tea tree oil for hair with the carrier oil in the bowl.

– Heat this mixture for it to become slightly warm. Avoid using a microwave since it can result in nutrition loss. You can, instead, put the bowl with the mixture in a bigger pot with hot water.

Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? - Do Like This!
rub the oil mixture onto the hair

– Next, section the hair. Rub the oil that got warm onto the scalp and across your hair’s length.

– As soon as the oil covers the whole scalp, massage it for about ten minutes.

– Then, wrap your towel around the head gently. It will generate a warm environment for unclogging the hair follicles.

Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? - Do Like This!
wrap the towel around your head

– Let the towel on for about 15 minutes. 

– Wash out the oil. You should use shampoo and conditioner to make your hair clean.

– Alternatively, you can let the oil stay on the hair overnight.

The frequency of use:

Washing the hair frequently can harm your hair health and ingrown hair. So, you should treat the curls using hot oil about three times per week. Is your hair oily? Then, you can count on olive, jojoba, or other lighter oils. Also, for enhanced results, you can put on a quality hair system like a hair topper to protect your hair from the outside environment and improve its look.

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What should you combine with tea tree oil for hair?

The hair of everyone is different. Something may work for this person, but it does not work for that person. Still, selecting a carrier oil that suits the type of your hair is not hard. For example, olive oil is lightweight and has enough hydration. It is suitable for every type of hair. Jojoba oil is incredibly light. So, it is excellent for oily curls. If you are loyal to it, it can control the oil amount produced and ultimately decreasing hair fall. For castor oil, it is thick, so it is perfect for dry hair types with damage. 

Get The Best Of Tea Tree Oil For Hair? - Do Like This!
olive and castor oil are the ideal carrier oil to mix with tea tree oil

Coconut oil tends to weigh down the hair if you do not wash it out properly. Thus, oily hair should avoid it. It is more suitable for hair types from normal to dry. For almonds oil, it is light and moisturizing, so it is excellent for all hair types. Last but not least, aloe vera is hydrating and healing. It contains many minerals and vitamins for healthy hair growth. Every hair type can rely on it.

Lewigs hope that the above summary about tea tree oil for hair loss would help you understand more about this essential oil. It brings along several benefits to your tresses, so don’t hesitate to use it! 

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