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How Much Are Hair Extensions? Don’t Be A Dumb Buyer

Wearing hair extensions are not strange today as there are more and more people are experiencing hair loss. The hair is designed to give thickness hair to the wearers. Also, it works amazingly on covering your head. People select human hair instead of the synthetic one since it’s more natural and beneficial. But all extensions are not equal, how much are hair extensions? Check out the post from Lewigs to buy the right one at an affordable price.

Main factors that decide the hair extension cost

How much do hair extensions cost? It depends on which hair you choose and how to make it. The material manufacturers use to create the hair affect directly the hair cost. Hair extensions now are normally made from human hair and synthetic fibers. Of course, human hair extension is a higher cost than its counterpart synthetic hair. Also, if you want long hair, you have to pay extra money to add some length to the hair item. It means that the longer the hair is, the more budget you have to pay. Similarly, the price of your hair extension is changed by the level of hair density. 

What is your hair extension? It’s clip-ins, tape-ins, or keratin hair extension. Each type of extension has its own characteristics and cost. Remember to ask your seller carefully before placing an order. Choose the hair color that matches your existing hair hue to reach natural-looking hair. Purchase long and thick colored hair extension, you will expect a higher price than the normal. 

How Much Are Hair Extensions? Don't Be A Dumb Buyer
the price of hair extensions are influenced by many factors

In general, here’re the main elements affect the cost:  

– Types of material: human hair or artificial fibers 

– Hair extensions types (tape-ins, clip-ins, keratin fusion extensions, etc.)

– Hair length

– Level of hair density

– Hair system colors

Human hair extension price

The price of human hair extension is more expensive than synthetic hair. For an item made of raw human hair strands, the starting prices are $100 an can exceed $2,000 for tailor-made products. The hair provides a natural-looking hair and flexible movement. Plus, restyle the hair as you want. Because it is heat-friendly, you can restyle it with heat styling tools, bleach, or dye it. It is easy to get your desired look. Remember that the length and density of the stuff will increase the hair price. 

Moreover, human hair extension is better than others. It can last between 4-6 months or more than if you follow good maintenance. Spend your time to take care of the hair at home or take it to a hair salon. Visit your hairstylist every month so that they help you remain the extension as well as protect your existing hair. If you care for your hair at home, be careful. There are a variety of hair care tips on Google, you can find and follow them. Bear in mind that gently brush the hair to avoid the hair shedding. You should invest a wide-toothed comb to eliminate hair tangles out of the hair. Next, don’t let the extension soak in the swimming pool water and beach water as it will dry and damage your hair quickly. Try to protect your hair to extend its lifetime. 

How Much Are Hair Extensions? Don't Be A Dumb Buyer
human hair extensions are pricey yet worth investing

Should or should not spend money on real hair extensions?

You may know “how much are real hair extensions” or “how much are clip in hair extensions”, but is it worth to purchase this hair? We commit that it will not waste your time and money if you spend money on this extension. Not only offer you a full hair look, it also ensures the aesthetics. The extension will blend your natural locks and provide gorgeous hair. It helps you feel more confident when appearing in the crowd. 

Designed to bring comfort and beauty to users, hair extension is easy to wear. With it, you no need to wait for months for the hair growth. Apply the hair and you achieve nice and thick tresses instantly. We think that how much are fusion or weaves hair extensions cost is not a problem as you can reuse it many times. Extensions are a long-term investment. As long as you wear and care for the stuff properly, it will last as long as possible. Would like to make the hair appear firmly and more natural, you should wear some hair accessories like clips, headbands, tapes, and so on. 

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Where to buy good hair extensions at affordable prices?

Come and shop at Lewigs company. We have own factories and manufacture all types of extensions. We are in Vietnam, and we collected hair from Vietnamese and Cambodian women to make the hair. Lewigs ensure that the hair is made according to the international standard, so it is high-quality. As one of the leading wholesale human hair vendors, we commit to selling human hair extensions at reasonable prices. Lewigs guarantees to give good hair to all wholesale sellers and individual at the same price. Wonder how much are tape in or sew in hair extensions, contact us right now to receive the most preferential price. Our staff will give you a detailed price list for each type of hair and support you to get the right one. The right hair means that it matches your natural locks, fits your preference as well as budget.

How Much Are Hair Extensions? Don't Be A Dumb Buyer
human hair extensions at Lewigs are affordable

Go down on the Internet and find us. If you are unsure about our hair, browse to our website to check the product line, and read reviews. Also, reports and comments from previous hair buyers are a highly trusted base to evaluate the hair quality. To meet the higher demand of customers, Lewigs hair company always tries to supply the best services. 

Our conclusion

Now that you have already learned about how much are hair extensions. We hope that you know to determine how much are sewn in hair extensions or other permanent hair extensions cost. Now select your favorite hair system.

Interested in getting good extensions, don’t hesitate to drop us a hotline or text us via email. We are online 24/7 and willing to be of service!

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