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How To Slick Back Thick Hair – How To Do It Right

Slicked back haircut styles are famous among successful people. That is why they are an effortless way of letting people know you mean business. Here, we refer to not only literally but also figuratively, whereas Wall Street types, as well as power brokers, regularly use the style. Yet, according to the truth, anyone with adequate follicles atop their head (naturally or with a hair wig) can learn and apply how to slick back thick hair.

Believe it or not, many barbers may inform you that there have been various ways of slicking back your hair follicles. For example, they are trendy pompadour or classic fade. Similarly, even those whose hair is curly can tame their locks to attain a fabulous pushed back hairstyle. From the ways to related items for these swept back hairstyles, we will get you covered right in this useful post. Check it out, and then you will end up with appearing slick quickly.

How to slick back thick hair

If you have thick natural hair, the procedure is pretty involved. To begin with, spread your selected hair item entirely and evenly. Make sure you do so when your locks are damp. Next, use a hairdryer; set it in on a low level. Leverage it to trail the comb when you style the hair to back from the front. By doing so, your slicked-back look will stay for an extended period.

How To Slick Back Thick Hair - How To Do It Right
how to slick back thick hair

Meanwhile, attaining slicked back thick curly hair tends to be more involved. However, pulling it off is possible. In the first place, run one brush all over the curls while they are not damp but a little wetter. Use a blowdryer to trace your brush strokes. At the same time, from time to time, use a spray of sea salt or so to disperse the solution on your hair. The texture will be intact that way. When the hair is dry, place one stable product. Follow with using your fingers for slicking the locks back. And keep in mind that once all else fails, do not hesitate to ask your barber for help.

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Items to Help You Push Back Hair

Now that you have learned how to slick back thick hair, let’s discover which products you need to help with the process. Similar to the diverse kinds of these hairstyles, there are many products to rely on for achieving the look. Yet, note that an excessive amount of the product used can turn your hair into being dry, greasy, and the like. Crucially, you follow a healthy routine of hair washing when you sport this hairstyle. Not all, do not forget the order – clean the hair, to begin with, and then style it. Below are some favorite products to have:


It provides a steady hold. Not all, there is no lack of shine. You can select a pomade that is based on oil and delivers a stronger grip as well as more shine. Either, count on water-based pomade; washing out this type is more straightforward. Begin acing the slicked-back appearance like so many users before you. Note that you should take small steps. Otherwise, the chances are that you will go out bouncing sunlight off the crown.

How To Slick Back Thick Hair - How To Do It Right
items to help you push back hair


It has been more loved by young people. Natural minerals are included instead of harmful chemicals. There are many types for this item – for instance, the extra heavy and the super lightweight. Compared to pomade, it offers less shine. Plus, clay is useful for increasing texture for your pushed back hair.

Deciding on what clay models to use has to do with hair thickness, if you want to experiment before being loyal to the product that suits you best, etc. Overall, thicker curls ask for denser clay.

Hairspray and Gel

To slick thick hair back, you should get yourself this type of product. Still, keep in mind that gel can make your hair a bit dry. Also, it tends to be flammable; people usually lace it with some chemicals.

When it comes to hairspray, this item is flammable as well. However, applying for baby doses is okay. If anything, we recommend using it to delivering your swept-back haircut with a fantastic finishing touch. Note that you should not go anything more than that.

Popular Slicked Back Styles

Think about these styles when you practice how to slick back thick hair:

Slick Back Side Part

Its features consist of the strands being a bit longer on the top instead of on the sides. The fringe’s edge gets longer than the other. Other than that one hard part which is clearly defined is on the crown’s one side.

How To Slick Back Thick Hair - How To Do It Right
Classic Slick Back

Classic Slick Back

To slick your hair back with thick hair, you can try this style. It stays uniform in looks and length. Also, every hair follicle tends to be pushed back in one direction.

Swept Back Pompadour

It is often longer on top. For the sides, it is tapered. This style was tremendously popular thanks to many celebrities. What is more? You can make a statement with this style. 

Slicked Back Curly Quiff

How To Slick Back Thick Hair - How To Do It Right
Slicked Back Curly Quiff & Pushed Back Undercut

You can also attempt this one to slick hair back with thick hair. With some decent product at your disposal as well as a reliable barber, all of those with curly hair can experience a slick back kinky type with ease.

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Pushed Back Undercut

Combining the sides and top with textural precision is this fantastic undercut. It has been increasingly loved. To obtain it, you need some time. It has to do with growing out the top. At the same, it tapers the sides regularly. Be sure you have it done right. Then, you will appear at a slicked-back state of being free from all flaws.


We answer not only inquiries about hair replacement systems but also other related such as this one – how to slick back thick hair. Since we have received a lot of trust from guys, we always do our best to answer your question most satisfactorily. So here you go…

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