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Yaki Human Hair – Will You Ever Need It?

Have you ever heard about yaki human hair? Put simply, it is a common type of hair texture that is available in different options, such as hair extensions or wigs. For those loving the look of natural hair, this hair is a savior. 

Today, yaki hair is among the newest trends in the hair business. It can provide a protective style or simply boost the beauty of your appearance. Let’s see how it can work.

What is yaki hair?

You can easily find this hair type in human hair weaves and wigs. The hair type looks like the natural African hair texture, but not deep curly. The hair is the best choice for women who want to add hair weaves to their natural locks that will blend seamlessly. We believe that it works well with black women. 

The name “yaki hair” comes from Yak, which is an animal from the Himalayas. They have long and silky hair, resembling human hair. It also reacts to the hair dye and chemicals the same way our hair does. In the past, many manufacturers used this fur to create yaki hair. But some wearers experienced an itchy feeling when wearing the hair, they stopped harvesting and producing hair from the Yak animal. 

Yaki Human Hair - Will You Ever Need It?
yaki hair

Yaki hair is made of human hair and synthetic fibers, but we recommend the human hair one. It still gives a natural look and feel, and easily blends your existing hair. Whenever you want to achieve thick hair, a yaki human hair wig or weave should be a good selection.

Is yaki hair human hair?

Our short answer is “Yes.” It can be Remy and non-Remy hair. At Lewigs, we only use Remy hair to produce yaki human hair weave and wigs. All hair cuticles are kept running in one direction; hence, it limits tangling. We guarantee that the hair locs look like natural African hair texture. 

Some refer to yaki hair as a virgin human hair, but is it true? Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed hair that has never been colored, permed, or straightened. This hair can be styled and treated like your natural locks. Generally speaking, virgin hair refers to the quality of the hair, while yaki is a type of hair texture.  

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Who can wear yaki human hair wigs?

This hair texture is suitable for all. When you closely look at the hair system, you will notice that it is not totally straight. It is wavy, curly, even kinky. This means that you can easily get the right hair system whether your natural locks are straight or loose beachy waves. 

Common types of yaki hair

This hair is available in different types and each of them gives different looks. Here they are:

Silky yaki hair

The hair looks so soft and smooth. It is the closest version that looks like black hair. Working in this field for years, we notice that many beauties choose yaki full lace wigs for human hair as they give them the flat iron feel. 

However, there is a small thing you may not know. The silky yaki hair still has little kinks when you touch it. Don’t panic! Because it is a basic characteristic of this hair type. 

Yaki Human Hair - Will You Ever Need It?

Regular yaki hair

This is another common type of yaki hair that looks like chemically-processed black hair. Yaki straight human hair is coarse and offers a little more volume than the level of the silky hair type. 

Kinky straight hair

For more visible volume, try wearing a kinky yaki hair type. It looks like afro hair. The hair looks kinky but the curls are not too tight. Basically, this hair type is not too curly and not too straight. 

Yaki hair replacement systems

Yaki hair is a good selection for black women wanting to get a realistic look. You want yaki human braiding hair, clip-ins, weaves, or wigs – the options are countless. They have small kinks or curls in each strand, blending well with natural black hair. It mimics the look of your real hair.

Yaki Human Hair - Will You Ever Need It?
yaki human hair wigs

Many wearers say that kinky straight hair is suitable for daily wear, and it also adds extra length and volume to their thinning hair. With these hair systems, you can style them as your existing hair without causing serious damage. They provide protective styles for your locks, as well. Instead of coloring or perming your existing hair, you just style the hair extension. 

What’s more, yaki hair extensions are easy to use, wash, as well as maintain. It is not too expensive. At Lewigs, we supply top-notch hair extensions at affordable prices. 

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How to care for Remy yaki human hair

To maintain your hair wigs or extensions, follow these steps: 

– Cleanse the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Don’t use alcohol-based products as it may dry the hair quickly. 

– Gently brush yaki hair to avoid shedding.

Yaki Human Hair - Will You Ever Need It?
how to care for yaki human hair

– Rinse it well with cool water.

– Apply the moisturizing conditioner, make sure that it coats evenly all hair strands, from roots to ends. 

– Rinse it well and let it air-dry. 

Yaki hair is so fun and flexible, but don’t forget to maintain it. You have to care for your coarse yaki human hair if you want to reuse it various times. Straightening or curling your yaki hair with a high heat level will damage all strands. Hence, treat it as your natural locks. As long as you take care of it carefully, you can keep the hair for a lifetime. 

In the last words

No matter what hair type of extension you choose, yaki human hair or hair weaves, maintenance is the key to keep it last as long as you expect. Be gentle when treating your hair extensions.

You are looking for a reliable hair vendor to buy yaki hair, come to Lewigs. We have different hair products for you to choose from, yaki clip in human hair extensions, yaki human hair lace front wigs, and so on. Raise your voice and tell us which one you like most. Our hair company with skilled pros will support and customize the hair according to your preference. We guarantee not to let you down. 

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